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How To Make Investments In The Stock Market – Easy Step By Step Guide

I know many people who would like to invest in the stock market but don’t know how. They want to know how to open a stock brokerage account. How to purchase shares like BP, Apple or Disney. How to collect the dividends owed to them. This article will give a step by set guide on how to buy and sell shares. Open An Account With A Stock Broker / Investment Platform. In order to buy and sell shares you need to sign up with a stock broker / investment platform. Most investing is done online these days and all the best stock broking platforms can be found online too. There […]

Freetrade – A Look At The Fee Free Share Dealing Platform 5

Rip-off Britain. Nowhere is this statement more true than in the world of finance and investing. We as the public are getting fleeced by the stock-broking world. The average price we pay per deal is £10 which is crazy. For a buy and hold investor like me who only makes about 15 trades a year, dealing fees add up to £150 per annum. And considering I have a good 40 years of being an investor ahead of me, total dealing fees balloon to £6,000. And if you think that is bad, have a look at this. If all I did was put the £150 a year spent on fees in […]

Brickowner – A review of how investors can invest in property with little money.

In the UK, we love our property. Many individuals here understand property better than any other asset class. It is no surprise that the buy-to-let boom which has taken place over the past couple of decades has minted many millionaires. And it will continue to mint many more. The only problem with todays would be property investors is that it is too hard to save for a deposit and even if you do, you will normally be financially outmuscled by someone with an existing buy-to-let portfolio. Thankfully for small investors like myself property crowdfunding exists. Property crowd funding allows individuals with little capital and minimal knowledge of the property sector […]

AJ Bell Youinvest Dividend Reinvestment Programme 3

When it comes to buying shares online, there are a number of brokerage platforms you can chose from. Each has there own merits and there are enough online platforms going around to cater for your own individual needs. One of the platforms I like is AJ Bell Youinvest. With an easy to use interface and low annual custody charges, Youinvest is great for investors who want to stick to a buy and hold or passive approach to investing. If on the other hand you want to regularly buy and sell shares (trading), there are far better platforms out there. One of the downfalls Youinvest has is that it does not […]

Crowdcube – A review of the equity crowdfunding website 2

Investing in fledging private start-up companies used to only be a rich mans game. You had to be a wealthy or accredited investor to get the chance to invest in companies such as Google, Facebook and Netflix in its early days and grow your wealth exponentially as a result of your investment at the early stages of the business. Thankfully, with the advent of technology and new business models such as crowdfunding, small individual investors like you and I now have a chance to invest in small start up companies we truly believe. Crowdcube is one of the platforms that gives us a chance to judge companies and see if […]

How to buy stocks and shares in the UK – Review of the best investing platforms for new and experienced investors. 25

This post will help to give an idea of what I think are the best online investing platforms for the situations listed below: New Investor Long terms buy and hold investor in an ISA Investor wanting to make use of Capital Gains Allowance (non-Isa Account) Day trader.   Best Platform for new investors: Hargreaves Lansdown. One of the biggest dilemmas new investors who want to buy stocks and shares online face is they don’t know where to start looking. With so many stock brokers or online platforms around these days, it may be difficult for them to chose which one to use. When you are a new investor who has […]

Stockflare Review – The Best Website to research, compare and pick Stocks and Shares 2

“Investing is simple, but not easy” – Warren Buffet   Investing is simple – if you stick to the rules.. The main problem is ourselves. We get over excited, too confident, sloppy. When that happens we make mistakes. One of the biggest mistakes is to rely on the recommendations and advice of others. The talking heads on financial television, the research reports of investment banks, the tips you read in a newspaper. Instead you need to do your own research and work out what investments are right for you. That’s where Stock Flare comes in. Stockflare presents data that the professionals use in an easy to understand and interpret manner […]

BitGold – A Review of the New Way to Save, Invest and Transact in gold!

  Gold is the ultimate store of value. It is both timeless and precious. Many people appreciate these properties and hold gold in their investment portfolio to hedge against market volatility and uncertainty. And many economists and analysts predict that the importance of gold being held in your investment portfolio is only set to increase due to Quantitative Easing (QE). QE has the effect of reducing the purchasing power of paper currencies and will eventually lead to inflation. Thus investors feel it is more important to hold gold now than ever before as gold prices are only set to increase in the coming years. But many sceptics say that whilst […]

Etroro – A Review of the Social Trading and Networking Platform 5

Etoro is a trading platform with a twist, it takes a social networking approach to trading and investing.Through the power of social trading, Etoro links traders from all over the world into one big network and encourages traders to use each other’s skills to trade smarter together. As seen from the a trading platform, Etoro offers the unique benefit for beginner traders to see what other traders are doing, learning from them by reading their analysis or simply ‘copying them.’ As Etoro grows in popularity I have decided to write a review on this growing social trading and investing platform. Etoro at a glance Assets classes you can invest in: […]

Degiro – A Review of UKs Cheapest Investing Platform 5

Many people living in Britain complain that they are charged a far higher price for products and services than their friends living abroad.They call it rip off Britain – and for the right reason too. The trading and investments industry is not immune to this high British pricing as well For too long investors in the UK have paid high commissions to buy and sell stocks. The current prominent platforms charge a range of fees from the premiums of Hagreaves Lansdown and Barclays Stockbrokers which charge £11.95 a trade to the execution only brokers like XO and iWeb which charge £5.95 and £5 commission per trade. Many of the current […]