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The 5 Step Strategy To Getting Rich Quickly

Many dream of becoming rich but very few achieve it. If you are young, the easiest way to become wealthy is through long-term investing in the stock market. If you are in your 20s and say you have £50,000 to invest and you do so with an average rate of return of 10%, 10 years later or in your 30’s you will have £129,687, a further 10 years later or in your 40s you will have £336,375 and leaving your money invested for a further 10 years will ensure your money has grown to £872,470. So if you are young and have a long-time frame, investing in the stock market […]

5 easy ratios to look at before buying stocks and shares

In a previous article, I looked what trends and fundamentals to look at before buying a companies stock. This article will focus on five ratios you need to look at before buying into any business/stock. As we are looking at ratios, this article involve some math. It als involves thinking hard about rather abstract ideas. The ratios found below are a nearly foolproof way to evaluate the quality and the value of any business. This ‘five-part test’ will allow you to quantify, with reasonable accuracy, exactly what makes a given business great, average, or poor. This knowledge will allow you to make vastly better and more-informed decisions about what any […]

What is Passive Income – 12 Ways to Earn Passive income 20

For many people who want to be financially free, passive income is the ultimate goal. Passive income allows you the opportunity to do what you want to do without thinking of where your next pay check is coming from. Imagine this: You hop on a flight to Spain or Tunisia or Thailand. You spend a month revelling by the sea and sand.  You taste new foods. You discover new music. You spot wildlife you’ve never imagined. You have the time of your life. You don’t check email the entire time. Heck, you don’t even post photos to Instagram or Facebook. You’re radically offline — like it’s 1974. You return to […]

How to Invest in Uncertain Times. Why News is Noise. 7

What most call ‘news’ is really just ‘noise’ to investors. The majority of what’s in the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, the Telegraph, the BBC and TV news channels is really just ‘noise’. People pay way too much attention to this ‘noise’. They buy and sell stocks based upon this. And this is a big mistake. Instead of building a solid portfolio which encapsulates great businesses that compound for decades, people wind up selling at the slightest sign of trouble, based on the ‘noise of the news’. And very often, they lose money because of this. In order to get big returns when investing, you need to take the […]

Supershoppers – Tricks to Saving Money from the TV show 7

The just aired Channel 4 supershoppers program showed how easy it is to save money and how everybody can do it. The tv show covered an array of ways to help shoppers save money from apparel shopping to consumer goods to getting half-price car hire. Here is a list of the best saving technique as per the show Super shoppers. I will aim to update this page as the new episodes are aired. (Read my article on how to save money on everyday activities here). Clothes Shopping – are branded clothes worth more? Fashion has become big business and as you would expect. branded clothing commands a far higher price […]

BitGold – A Review of the New Way to Save, Invest and Transact in gold!

  Gold is the ultimate store of value. It is both timeless and precious. Many people appreciate these properties and hold gold in their investment portfolio to hedge against market volatility and uncertainty. And many economists and analysts predict that the importance of gold being held in your investment portfolio is only set to increase due to Quantitative Easing (QE). QE has the effect of reducing the purchasing power of paper currencies and will eventually lead to inflation. Thus investors feel it is more important to hold gold now than ever before as gold prices are only set to increase in the coming years. But many sceptics say that whilst […]

Why millionaires file for bankruptcy. Story of 50 Cent

50 cent filing for bankruptcy is doing the rounds on social media and the news. The news seems strange to many as 50 cent was worth $155 million just two month ago according to Forbes. And the man is considered as one of the smartest and most business savvy rappers out there. So him filing for bankruptcy is a strange one. But if you understand the reasons as to why a millionaire like 50 Cent has filled for bankruptcy than this move seems to make sense. It could be because he found low cost bankruptcy Florence Ky to save his assets. A lot of people declare bankruptcy in the hopes […]

Best Performing Stock Markets Over The Last 10 years

For the people that have followed the Jeff bogle style index investing strategy, they have already figured out that passive investing beats active investing the majority of time. Investing in index funds has proved to give the average investor better returns than mutual funds and at a lower cost as well. But whilst investing in index funds as strategy is all well and good, how should you determine what weights to place on different asset classes that compromise your portfolio and going one step further, the different indexes you can invest in? By this I mean how do you know how much to invest in each region? One way of […]

How to start investing with no money – story of Strive Masiyiwa

Strive Masiyiwa is one of Africa’s most intelligent and richest men. Forbes currently estimates his net worth to be around $600m. Though Strive made the majority of his money as an entrepreneur by founding Econet wireless, he has always been interested in investing in the stock market – even when he had no money!   The following is an extract from a piece written by Strive Masiyiway: When I was still only 17 years old, I asked an elderly gentleman who was a headmaster at a school, about buying shares on a stock exchange. He was not particularly rich, but every day he would get a newspaper and begin to […]

Simple Explanation of Changes to Pensions – Summer Budget 2015 2

In the budget speech today, the chancellor of the exchequer, George Osborne, stated that they would be changes to the pension system in the coming years. The chancellor is currently considering a green paper which has proposals for the changes in the pension system. The green paper can be found here : “” Osborne stated the following in his speech: “While we have taken important steps with our new single tier pension and generous new Isa, I’m open to further radical change. Pensions could be treated like Isas – you pay in from taxed income and it’s tax-free when you take it out, and in between it receives a top-up […]