Another Good Stock Leaves The Portfolio! Sophos Takeover

When the news of a takeover hits the headlined, most investors will jump with joy and glee the fact that they will receive a decent lump of cash to part with their shareholding in that company. In fact, ask the majority of investors and they will tell you they love takeovers at a premium. Yet those who have read my site over the years will tell you that I hate a takeover. This is what I wrote last year when one of the best companies on the FTSE and a portfolio holding of mine got taken over:   “Many investors don’t share my view. They would rather have companies in […]

Third Quarter 2019 Dividend Income Update

Its that time of the year again where I report on the amounts of dividends I have received in the previous 3 month. This is one of my favourite types of posts as it actually shows the fruits of my investing. After all, the whole point of my investing journey is to be able to cover all my living expenses. And what better way to do that then with the cold hard cash companies from all across the world send me in the form of dividends. It’s pure numbers. It’s hard to argue the success of long-term dividend growth investing when you can slowly and surely see dividend income rise […]

Lesson 2: What Is A Share

To many people, stocks are merely ticker symbols that go up seemingly at random. But for those of us that know how the stock market actually works, stocks do not move at random, but instead follow the trajectory of a real life business. To understand this, one needs to understand what a share is. A share of stock is just an ownership stake in a business.    It is really that simple.   Shares are claims to partial ownership of an underlying business. Buying shares entails you becoming part owner of a business. They are claims to the profits of actual real world businesses. Having this paradigm shift will allow […]

Lesson 1: Why Invest In Shares

Talk to a friend, family member or work colleague about investing in the stock market and they would think you are crazy. The majority of people still have the belief that the stock market is extremely risky. They have this view that stocks are ticker symbols which go up and down on a whim. There is this notion that stock picking is akin to gambling.   But for those that understand how the stock market works, it is far different to the situation mentioned above. In this series of articles, I will aim to give a breakdown of the stock market in an easy to understand manner.   The first […]

Getting Rich is Easy With The Power Of Compounding

The power of compounding is truly amazing. I know I have written about the concept of compounding several times but truth be told, it is scary how powerful compound interest truly is. If you had £100,000 in savings by the time you were 30, parking it in low-cost, good stocks that earned the same rate of return as the stock market for the past century would result in £14,200,000+ by the time you were Warren Buffett’s age. That assumes, of course, that you never add another penny in deposits to your investments, instead spending everything you earn outside of the portfolio for the rest of your life. You could become […]

Freetrade Is Giving New Users Free Shares! Sign Up Codes

After a long wait, the first fee free share dealing platform has launched in the UK. Freetrade has fully launched in the UK and is offering £0 dealing charges for both buying and selling shares. How sweet is that. Finally we have a robin hood alternative in the UK. I did a writeup of free trade last year before it launched and I will be doing a new review soon now that I have started using the product. So why this post? Free stuff that’s why Currently free trade is offering free shares to users in instance where they sign up via an invite.So if you want a free share […]

August 2019 Monthly Stock Purchase Programme – Volatility ABF VCT

What a crazy August we have just witnesses. Volatility once again reared its ugly head causing the market and many individual stocks, particularly those on the smaller end of the spectrum, to rise and fall seemingly at a whim. The old concerns surrounding the US China trade war, Brexit and Federal Reserve interest rates seemed to bubble up again. All three aforementioned concerns have global knock on effects and it is no surprise hyperactive market participants fret at the release of every new tidbit of information.   The best thing to do at this time is not to panic. Instead one should be invested in high quality companies they have […]

10 Golden Rules Of Investing

A reader recently emailed me asking what golden rules or tips I follow when it comes to investing. Here are the ones I find key to my own investment journey. You don’t need lots of money to start investing. Even small amounts make a difference. Small amounts add up over time.   You only need £70 a week to become a millionaire. The best time to start investing was 10 years ago. The next best is now. Don’t try to time the market. There are only two types of people: those who can’t market time, and those who don’t know they can’t market time. Time in the market is the most important […]

What I Have Been Reading – August 2019

Why Buffett Is The Greatest Investor Of All Time Before running Berkshire Hathaway, Buffett ran an investment partnership for a small group of individual investors and families. Reported returns from 1957-1968 were 25.3% annually (31.6% before fees, which were 25% of any gains above a 6% hurdle) vs. around 9% per year on the Dow. Towards the end of this partnership, Buffett turned Berkshire Hathaway into his investment vehicle of choice. Since then Berkshire Hathaway has more than doubled up the annual returns on the S&P 500 — 20.6% annually vs. 9.6% annually from 1965-2018. But even those staggering annual returns don’t tell the whole story. The total returns over […]

Investing Small Amounts Adds Up – £70 A Week To Be A Millionaire

One of the biggest reasons people think as to why they are unable to invest money is that they have too little of it to put to work. They suffer from the misconception that you need to start socking away thousands of pounds a month in order to make it worthwhile. If they don’t have this kind of money, it is not worth it. If they don’t have this money, why even bother. I have written before in a post tilted Everybody Starts Small why this is simply untrue.   Yes once upon a time you had to be rich in order to invest on the stock market. But that […]