What Percentage (%) of your Income should you Pay Yourself First?

We have all heard that paying yourself first is the best way to become wealthy in our society. Whilst we all know the merits about paying yourself first, many people do not now exactly how much money to set aside to pay themselves first. So is there a magic number? You hear people asking themselves this question all the time How much do I need to pay myself first? So here is my formula on how much you should pay yourself first. You don’y have to agree with it but just have a look at it. Whilst I know everybody is different and people have different circumstances, I am just […]


Habito Review – The online mortgage advisor

One of the most painstaking aspects of buying a house is deciding on a mortgage to get. With so many options out there, it is difficult to decide on which mortgage type is best for your needs. Should you get an interest only mortgage or a repayment mortgage? Should you get a fixed rate mortgage or a variable rate mortgage? Should you pay an upfront product fee in rerun for a lower starting interest rate? These questions can be daunting especially for people looking to buy their first house. Thankfully, there is a website that I have recently come across that can help home buyers with all their mortgage needs. […]


Burberry (BRBY) and Next (NXT) stock purchase – UKs best clothes retailing brands

2016 has so far been a bull year for most asset classes in general. Equities, Bonds, Commodities, Real Estate have all had positive gains for the year so far. And even within these broad based asset classes, individual components like consumer staples, utilities, gold, oil, treasury bills and the like have all benefited from this ‘buy everything’ phenomenon. But on the other hand, many traditional retail stocks have had a torrid time of late. Whether you look across the Atlantic  to the likes of JC Penney (JCP) and Macy’s (M) or within Europe itself, many retail business have seen there share prices fall and remain low. Two businesses that caught my […]


Why you should not care about corporate tax dodging!

Around the world, and especially in the UK, there is a growing resentment towards large corporations and the huge profits they make. It is widely known that many corporations try to minimise their tax bills by using various organisational and legal structures. This tax planning conducted by multinational corporations has led individuals to believe that these companies do not pay their fair share of taxes. This leaves many individuals angry at ‘the system’ and feeling helpless. But I’m here to tell you that you should not waste your time of effort thinking how little corporation tax multinationals pay. This is because the money saved by a corporation on a reduced […]


Carillion (CLLN) Share Purchase – Undervalued and Unloved!

It seems that in all my recent stock purchase posts, I have talked about Brexit and the opportunities it provided to buy shares at discounted prices. So I am going to spare you the details this time and just say that Carillion’s share price dropped so much in the wake of the Brexit vote that it became a screaming buy. I bought my shares at 235p a piece and at this price, the valuation placed on the company was so low and the pessimism surrounding the company was so high that the father of value investing, Benjamin Graham, would be licking his lips. Carillion is one of those companies you […]

short sell

3 ways to profit from low interest rates – Savers and Investors could be winners

A few month ago, I mentioned that mortgage rates could go lower and it looks like they now will as the Bank of England have today cut interest rates to a record low of just 0.25%. Whilst this is great news for borrowers or people in debt, it is terrible news for savers. If you have £1000 in the bank earning 0.25%, you get a measly £2.5 in interest a year. The Bank of England, by cutting the interest rate, have continued their war on savings as they would like people like you and I to go out there and spend our cash instead of save it. So what are […]


Front-Load your Pension and Your Life – Saving in your 20s is the greatest pension trick

Pensions savings seem to be all the fuss of late. Many people in their 40’s and 50’s have come to realise that they have just not saved enough and will have to put off retirement for a few years in order to work and save more. Even though these people are socking away thousands a month into their retirement accounts, they have found that it is not enough. The biggest reason for this is they did not start early enough. They have not let time do the hard work by compounding their returns. Did you know that those who save for just 10 years, between the ages of 25 and […]


Best Fintech Companies across Europe!

The financial technology scene in Europe is blossoming. Whilst Silicon Valley is still the place to be for any young technology company, Europe is fast catching up as seen by these amazing companies that have spawned across the continent. Anivo (Switzerland) – Anivo is an end-to-end online insurance broker, providing an insurance marketplace and individual advisory for retail customers as well as developing digital insurance propositions together with leading banking-, telco- and retail corporate partners. B-Secur (Northern Ireland) – B-Secur is a Belfast-based biometric security company that has developed a next-generation biometric solution that utilises a person’s unique heartbeat pattern to authenticate users. This has many commercial applications within mobile […]

Credit  capacity used or credit utilisation rate is a big factor in determining your credit score

A simple and free way to increase your credit score

We all know how important a credit score is why it is vital to have a high score. I have written before on ways to increase your credit score (LINK). But if you want a quick and easy way to increase your credit score, read on. One of the key factors that influence your credit score is the level of debt / credit utilisation (about 30% of total equation). A credit utilisation ratio shows how much of the available credit you currently use – the capacity used. So if you have a credit line for £1000 and currently have £500 outstanding, your credit utilisation is 50%. When it comes to […]

right on the money

Right on the Money Review –  Tips to savings money from the BBC show

It looks like personal finance is back in fashion. Over the past year, there have been some great money related shows such as Super Shoppers, Secrets of Online Shopping and The Shoppers Guide To Saving Money. And now there is one more show to add to the list; Right on the Money. Right on the Money is a show produced by the BBC and it aims to give tips on how to earn and save money. As a personal finance advocate who has been moaning for years about people’s lack of interest in their own financial affairs, shows like Right on the Money are great as it increases peoples awareness […]