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October monthly stock purchase – Pennon (PNN) Whitbread (WTB) Centrica (CNA) Barr (BAG) plus more

October has so far seen stock markets reach new highs. The FTSE100 has skyrocketed whilst the FTSE250 has recovered from its Brexit blip. And although I own a portfolio of stocks, I am not happy to see stock markets rise. Higher stock markets mean that I am now buying a lower ownership stake in the businesses I like and that is never a good thing. Higher stock prices also mean that I am able to collect a lower dividend yield on the shares that I buy. I never like it when my favourite bar of chocolate increases in price and when stock prices rise, it has the same effect on […]


How to move your Stocks and Shares ISA – Transferring from Nutmeg to Youinvest

A couple of weeks back, I wrote a post stating that I was not very happy with my index fund portfolio managed by Nutmeg. The reason was simple, over the time frame I have had a portfolio with Nutmeg, I received returns of 10%. On the other hand, by managing money myself and buying my own individual stocks (LINK MY JOURNEY), I have received a far higher return of 27%. Apart from getting better returns by investing in solid dividend payers, there are other reasons why I want to move money from a portfolio of index funds and ETFs. I will write a post about this soon so keep a […]


Capita Stock Purchase – A risky business at a low enough price (margin of safety).

Capita is a company I have been following for a while now. I was first tempted to purchase the stock in the wake of Brexit where the share price fell over 20%. But even though Capita fell with the broad market to 848p and it did look like a value stock at the time, I was worried that a price of 848p was still too high as it did not factor in all the risks surrounding the company. At the time, I marked down a price of 700p where if the stock were to fall to this price, it would provide a big enough margin of safety for me to […]

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September Dividend Income 4

Another month passes by and another set of dividends have hot my account. Owning shares in companies is really starting to feel wonderful. For September, I have received £236.70 across both my ISA and my high yield dividend portfolio. This is by far the biggest month I have had over my short investing career. I am beginning to love the fact that cash goes straight into my account without me having to do any work or put in any effort besides the initial stock purchase. I could be in in jail but still make money due to having the right collection of cash generating assets. This is the beauty of […]


Gilead Sciences Inc (GILD) Stock Purchase – Undervalued and Unloved

It seems strange that a company with $32 billion in revenues, $18 billion in profits, a cash hall of $21 billion on the balance sheet and free cash flow yield of 17% is currently hated by investors. But that is exactly the sentiment surrounding Gilead Sciences Inc, the mega biotechnology company hat discovers, develops and commercializes innovative medicines in areas of unmet medical need. Gilead has over the past year been out of favour with investors with its stock price crashing over 20%. It is now valued at a very lowly price earnings multiple of just under 7, has a dividend yield of 2.4% and has a dividend pay-out ratio […]


If you want to buy US listed shares, fill out a W-8BEN form (American stocks for foreign investors)

The rise of online platforms over the past decade has been great. From HL, to Youinvest, to interactive investor, these platforms allow individual investors like you and I to buy shares all over the world for a reasonable price. With this easy access to US, European and Asian stocks, many people forget to do research on how the system in these overseas countries works in a different way to ours. One example of this is Dividend Withholding Tax (DWT). If you buy shares in a foreign company, the dividend you receive from that company will be subject to DWT. This means that as a foreign investor, you do not get […]


Nutmeg Performance Review – 2 year results 1

Almost two years ago to the day, I started my investing journey by opening up my first ever stocks and shares account with nutmeg. As a novice investor who knew nothing about the stock market, Nutmeg seemed to be the perfect choice. The platform creates professionally managed portfolios based on your risk profile all for the low cost of 0.95% of your assets under management. When I initially joined nutmeg, I was optimistic with expectations of receiving returns of about 7% per annum, the market average. Whilst the fee of 0.95% would certainly eat into my returns, I believed the professionals working at Nutmeg would be able to use Tactical […]


You Don’t Have As Much Retirement Savings As You Think!

Many people. especially those in the baby boom generation, have this perception that the world is awash with savings. Yes, the post-war generation is wealthier than any before it. But the ultimate value of any investment depends upon being able to convert it into cash, to be able to realise its purchasing power. According to a recent Global Wealth Report by Credit Suisse, the world’s accumulated wealth – around $250 trillion – is almost certainly incapable of realisation at its paper value. This headline number thus vastly overstates the supposed savings glut. Why are savings figures so vastly overstated? Most of the worlds savings are held in two forms: Real […]


Hikma Stock Purchase (LON: HIK) – Fast Growth and High ROIC

In a previous post, I mentioned that I have started to purchase stocks on a monthly basis using my brokers regular investment service. The rational behind this was that it is impossible to time the market and though stock prices may be highly inflated now, there is no knowing how long this will last or if this is the new normal. By investing on a regular basis, I will not miss out on any gain in the market. Also, there is always pockets of value to be found and by investing once a month, I force myself to look hard and find businesses that offer value. For my September stock […]


Debt Plans to Consider Instead of Bankruptcy

It seems that these days everyone is in debt. With credit readily available and interest rates at historic lows, people are digging themselves into a debt blackhole. Whether it be by credit cards, payday loans, store cards, overdrafts, graduate loans, business debts or personal loans, being in debt takes it toll mentally and financially and most people in this situation may consider filing for bankruptcy. Whilst bankruptcy may be good in some situations as you can get a fresh start, it has severe repercussions. Some drawbacks of debt include you may need to give up assets including your home & car, your bank accounts will be frozen, income in excess […]