Britvic Stock Purchase – If a company’s products taste good buy the shares

Investing does not need to be hard. Often, the more simple you keep it, the greater the returns you will make. Two of the greatest investors of recent time, Warren Buffet and Peter Lynch have been advocates of investing in products you know, use and love and this has led them to produce outsized returns over the years. Businesses with strong brands and a loyal customer base are highly profitable are churn out huge profits year after year. Just look at companies like Coke, Pepsi, Hersheys, Nestle and Kellogs to name a few. If you invested £1000 in each of these companies in 1991, your money would have a grown […]

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Should you use Market Orders or Limit Orders when buying a stock?

As a newbie investor, it can be tough getting your head around different concepts. One thing I wasn’t too sure about when I started buying stocks online was whether to use a Market Order or a Limit Order. In the simplest of terms: Market Order – is a buy or sell order to be executed immediately at current market prices Limit Order – is an order placed with a brokerage to buy or sell a set number of shares at a specified price or better Whilst there has been much written about market and limit orders, there is not much written about the application of them in the real world. […]

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Legal and general (LGEN) share purchase – Insurance, Asset Management and Alternative Finance

Along with house builders and traditional banks, Insurance companies have felt the full force of the ‘Leave’ vote The biggest firms in the sector, like Aviva, Prudential and Legal & General, have all seen there stock prices tumble in recent weeks. To most, a share price decline is a terrible event, but to me, share price declines are opportunities to buy more shares in the companies I like at discounted prices. Since starting my dividend portfolio over a year ago, I have wanted to diversify my holdings in order to get exposure to some financial services related stocks. Banks to me have always been out of the question as they […]


Claim compensation for delayed flights!

Delayed flights. Don’t you just hate them?! I remember booking a weekend trip away to Barcelona a couple of years ago. I had booked it six month in advance, so as you can imagine, I grew more excited as the days went by. Finally, it was the weekend of the trip away. I remember it vividly. It was a Friday and I went to the airport early all excited about my trip. I checked in and even boarded the plane but the plane never took off on time.It was delayed and we only ended up taking off after 3 hours. By the time I got to Barcelona, it was late […]


BT (BT.L) Stock Purchase – A proxy of the British consumer

In a recent post outlining my Astrazeneca share purchase, I mentioned that I had bought shares in BT as well. I bought 272 shares at a stock price of 397. Since then, the BT share price has gyrated bouncing up and down between a stock price of 450 and 350. A movement within such a large range over a short period of time is rare for blue chip stocks and it is fair to say that BT has been volatile in the wake of the Brexit vote. Talking about Brexit, British focussed businesses have faced the biggest brunt in term of decreased valuations. FTSE 250 companies along with Banks, Insurers […]


Early Investment Mistakes – Kim Iskyan Edition

We all know that investing is a tried and tested route to wealth creation. But whilst most people think they will will make great investment decisions from the get go, it is far from the truth. In reality, investors tend to make a disproportional amount of mistakes when they just start. This by no means should put you off. Even the greatest of investors like Warren Buffet and Peter Lynch admit to making huge mistakes in the initial phase of there investment careers. Mistakes can be a good thing if you learn the lessons and carry them on board for the rest of your life. One really good piece I […]


Capital Gains Tax Relief when selling your business – Incorporation Relief

Individuals have a number of reliefs from Capital Gains Tax. Some of the reliefs include Roll-Over relief, Incorporation Relief, Gift Relief and Entrepreneurs relief. The different reliefs have different conditions that need to be met attached to them so you will need to look at these first in order to determine if you are entitled to any of the above mentioned reliefs. The different reliefs also have different implications to your liability and a brief description of each of the reliefs is given below: Roll Over Relief – defers tax on chargeable gains when a person disposes of a qualifying business asset and buys another. Incorporation Relief – Applies when […]

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June Dividends – Brexit and the Low Pound (£) 2

June has been a great month for dividends. I have received payouts from my ownership of defence, drugs, gold and oil stocks. In total I have received £227.24 in pure passive income. It feels great not to have to work for money. Instead, by investing money into the stock market, I am leveraging the power of big corporations and making the money work for me. The stocks that paid me dividends this month are: Shell (RDSB) : £84.42 Cobham (COB) : £70.16. Whilst this dividend was paid in May, I have included it here for this month. BP : £37.21 GFS (GFS): £33.75 Goldcorp (TSE:G) : £1.70. Hey, they all […]


Secrets of Online Shopping Review – Channel 4 Super Shoppers Show

The just aired show, secrets of online shopping, delved into the online shopping revolution and how the UK consumer has embraced this trend. The UK is the biggest nation of online shoppers in the world. The show presented some tips and tricks when it comes to shopping online and even offered advice on how to save money. The show is presented by the same people that brought us super shoppers (If you haven’t seen that article, click on the link as it shows ways you can save money). Retailers When we shop affects our spending habits. The later at night we shop, the more we are likely to spend. The internet […]

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Should you buy Banking shares after the Brexit Crash? Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds, Standard Chartered

The historic Brexit vote that took place last Thursday sent the market crashing. Although many stocks have partially recovered, those in the Banking sector have been hardly hit and have stayed down. The likes of Barclays (BARC), Lloyds Banking Group (LLOY) and Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) are downing excess of 15%, whilst HSBC (HSBA) and Standard Chartered (STAN) have faired slight better. So this begs the question, are banking stocks cheap and should you buy them? Whilst on paper banking stocks around Europe look cheap, I would not touch them with a proverbial barge pole. As an investor, I aim to invest in businesses that are simple to understand […]