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Crowdcube – A review of the equity crowdfunding website 2

Investing in fledging private start-up companies used to only be a rich mans game. You had to be a wealthy or accredited investor to get the chance to invest in companies such as Google, Facebook and Netflix in its early days and grow your wealth exponentially as a result of your investment at the early stages of the business. Thankfully, with the advent of technology and new business models such as crowdfunding, small individual investors like you and I now have a chance to invest in small start up companies we truly believe. Crowdcube is one of the platforms that gives us a chance to judge companies and see if […]

3 Questions to ask yourself before setting up a business

Many people I know want to leave the world of employment and begin a business of their own. The want the freedom that comes with being their own boss. But the problem is, many people don’t know where to start. A lot of people who have dreams of becoming their own boss don’t do so because they don’t know what business to set up. Hopefully by asking yourself the following three questions, you will have an idea of what it  is you want to do. Three questions to ask yourself: 1.  What do I do well? Ask yourself what you really do well. Your business will be focussed around this […]