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Best Fintech Companies across Europe!

The financial technology scene in Europe is blossoming. Whilst Silicon Valley is still the place to be for any young technology company, Europe is fast catching up as seen by these amazing companies that have spawned across the continent. Anivo (Switzerland) – Anivo is an end-to-end online insurance broker, providing an insurance marketplace and individual advisory for retail customers as well as developing digital insurance propositions together with leading banking-, telco- and retail corporate partners. B-Secur (Northern Ireland) – B-Secur is a Belfast-based biometric security company that has developed a next-generation biometric solution that utilises a person’s unique heartbeat pattern to authenticate users. This has many commercial applications within mobile […]

Crowdcube – A review of the equity crowdfunding website 2

Investing in fledging private start-up companies used to only be a rich mans game. You had to be a wealthy or accredited investor to get the chance to invest in companies such as Google, Facebook and Netflix in its early days and grow your wealth exponentially as a result of your investment at the early stages of the business. Thankfully, with the advent of technology and new business models such as crowdfunding, small individual investors like you and I now have a chance to invest in small start up companies we truly believe. Crowdcube is one of the platforms that gives us a chance to judge companies and see if […]

Property Partner Review – Invest in Property via Crowdfunding. 2

Property Partner is one of a number of recently launched property crowd funding platforms. Here, I give a review of the website and analyse what the Property Partner platform has to offer. What Is Property Partner? Property Partner is an online crowd funding website that allows everyday people like you and I to invest in property. In the simplest of terms, Property Partner gathers money from a range of people and invests these funds in actual physical property. Property Partner allows people with as little as £50 o invest in the property market. The houses are bought outright using funds collected form ‘the crowd’ (investors). Each investor is then considered […]

Property Moose – A review of the new property crowdfunding platform. 9

Property Moose is part of the new breed of property investment companies. The type that allows small investors with little capital, minimal knowledge of the property sector or lack of time to become a property investor (landlord). It is a company that is built around the idea that the everyday person, like you and I, can become a property investor. So you might ask how it is able to do this – through the power of crowd funding. (Read my article here on different types of crowdfunding to get a better understanding of what crowdfunding is).   What Is Property Moose? Property Moose is an online crowd funding website that […]

PeerLender – Helping you compare peer to peer lending services.

  With rockbottom interest rates over the past 6 years and with no rate increase in sight, savers are now fed up with the paltry interest rate being received with high street savings accounts and are now moving to peer to peer services. The popularity of peer to peer lending has grown so much so that there are now over 15 crowd lending platforms in the UK alone. With so much choice and with new platforms springing up every week, it can be difficult to choose which platform to invest your savings in. Luckily for us, a new website has emerged which compares all the various different peer to peer […]

The House Crowd Review 18

Just over a year ago, I was introduced to The House Crowd (THC) by a friend. As I have always been interested in property investing, the House crowd got my attention from the word go. It is built around the idea that anybody could be a landlord. This idea is truly revolutionary but with many financial products or schemes, the thought of it being too good to be true was lingering on my mind. And thus I went about doing my own research and hence the reason for me doing this review. What Is The House Crowd? The House Crowd (THC) is an online crowd funding website that allows everyday […]

Different types of CrowdFunding. 4

Technological advancements in recent years has lead to a new way of people looking at finance. Individuals as part of the crowd are now able to push banks aside in order to get a better rate on there savings (or to borrow for cheaper). All this is due to the growing phenomenon of Crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is where the crowd (people like you and I) lends money to people looking to jump start there business. In return of investing their money, the lenders receive rewards such as a fixed yearly rate on there money (interest) or a stake in the borrowers business. With so many different crowd funding websites out there, […]

10 ways to grow your money online.

This is a list of the 10 best ways to invest your money online: 1. Peer-to-peer lending – The popularity of crowd funding websites or peer-to-peer lending has grown substantially over the last couple of years. You can use websites such as FundingCircle, Zopa and MoneyandCo to borrow money to individuals and emerging companies.  The  rates received for your money invested range between 5% and 15% depending on the risk you want to take. 2. Equity lending – Alternatively, websites like CrowdCube and VentureFounders allow you to buy equity or a stake in peoples growing businesses and thus you essentially become a shareholder and receive dividends. CrowdCube lets you invest in […]