Third Quarter 2019 Dividend Income Update

Its that time of the year again where I report on the amounts of dividends I have received in the previous 3 month. This is one of my favourite types of posts as it actually shows the fruits of my investing. After all, the whole point of my investing journey is to be able to cover all my living expenses. And what better way to do that then with the cold hard cash companies from all across the world send me in the form of dividends. It’s pure numbers. It’s hard to argue the success of long-term dividend growth investing when you can slowly and surely see dividend income rise over time and get closer to covering one’s expenses.

Without further ado, over the course of July, August and September, the companies in my portfolio sent my way £1,102 in the form of dividend income.


That is simply amazing!


It is my first quarter ever where I have surpassed the £1,000 mark.


Not just surpassed it but smashed it.


I couldn’t be happier. Or prouder.


It’s simply an amazing position to be in.


Collecting more than £1000 in a quarter is one thing.


Collecting that kind of money for doing absolutely nothing is quite another thing.


Dividends are the gift that keep giving.


As an example, lets loo at my biggest dividend payer this payer quarter – Imperial Brands. The company increased its dividend by 10% as compared to the last year. I received £141 in the form of dividends from this company. For the same amount of shares I hold, I would have only received around £127 last year. I got this increase in cash for having to do absolutely nothing!


This is why dividend growth investing works. I never had to do anything extra in respect of Imperial brands from last year to this. All I did was let the good people at Imperial do their work and increase their profits. This increased profits flow to me in the form of higher dividends.


Simply amazing!


Taking the portfolio as a whole, during the same period last year I received £756 in dividends. As mentioned, the dividend received in the third quarter of this year was £1,102 showing a high double digit growth rate of 45%!


It is no surprise why I am breaking records every quarter. I have already explained how each milestone gets easier with dividend growth investing!


Looking at the year as a whole, from January 1 2019 to 30 September 2019, my total dividend income is £2,783. I have already achieved a dividend income of more that last years total yearly amount – total 2018 dividend income was £2,432 . And there is still three month in the year to go!

Looking forward, the last quarter of of the year should be really exciting. I’ve made steady progress throughout the first there quarters of the year to continue the momentum forward, planting seeds that will eventually yield dividend fruit. I can’t wait to compile my end of year figures to see the jump from last year!


There you have it. If you had a doubt till now whether one come become financially independent via dividend income, I hope these numbers have swayed you. I for one cannot wait to see what the future brings. Until then, happy investing!