Second Quarter 2019 Dividend Income!

The last month and half has been extremely busy. With work, the good weather and all the sport, I have hardly had time for this blog. This has clearly shown by the lack of posts on this site. Hopefully I will get back into routine and start posting regularly again. For now, I just want to drop a quick post highlighting the amount of dividends I received over the past three month.

So without further ado…


My dividend income for the months April, May and June 2019 amounted to £790. That is a hell of a quarter if I might say so myself.


Considering I made £538 over the same period last year, the year on year growth of 47% has been phenomenal.


Looking further back, the amount I have received this quarter is close to double that of which I received in the same period two years ago. My dividend snowball is well and truly gathering momentum. I can’t wait to see what the years ahead bring.


The growth in dividend have came from a combination of factors, namely,

  • organic growth (companies increasing their dividends),
  • adding money to my portfolio to buy new shares,
  • dividend reinvestment.

It is the trifecta of dividend growth investing which allows my money to compound over time.

Breaking down my dividend income for the quarter, it shows that I earned an average of £264 each and every month. Breaking it down even further shows that I earned the equivalent of £8.7 each and every day. That is £8.7 of pure passive income. It is money I received irrespective of what I did. I could sit at home the whole day watching tv and that money would still roll in. It is the best type of money.

The companies that paid me the highest amount of dividends over the past three month were British American Tobacco, Imperial Brands and Royal Dutch Shell, with amounts of £115, £101 and £94.


At the other end of the scale, the lowest amounts came from Visa, Nike and Victrex with £0.51, £0.71 and £2.54. Whilst the dividends paid from these companies are minimal at present, I expect them to increase their payments at a double digit rate over the next few years. Additionally, these companies have proved to be brilliant investments for me as their share prices have rocketed upwards and provided me with a handsome total return. It pays to have low yielding fast growth companies in your portfolio.

Looking ahead, I expect to receive over £3500 in annual dividend income this year. Personally, I feel this is a great achievement considering I started my financial freedom journey not too long ago. From my perspective, I am still on course for the target I set which was to cover all my expenses via passive income within a 13 year time frame . Living off dividend Income. That is the dream.

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