Review – Pro Breeze 2000W Ceramic Tower Fan Heater with Digital LED Display, Remote Control (Model PB-H15)

Winter is officially here. There is a chill in the air and gloom on the horizon. The temperatures have plummeted. All across the country the thermostats are slowly being dialled up. And my place is no different.

I recently moved flat and found the central heating to be very inefficient. The central heating is fully electric and uses 4kw/h of energy which equated to about 80p for every hour used. A similar gas central heating hub would only cost around 8p an hour to run. Electric heating is expensive. Add to this my frugal personality and you get a recipe for a search of a more cost-efficient method of heating my two room flat.


After hours and hours of research, I came to the conclusion that a tower ceramic PTC space heater will be best for my needs. These advanced ‘fan’ heaters get the room heated quickly and provided the room is well insulated than the fan can be turned off and the room will keep warm.


What is a PTC heater? It is a Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) heater and these are self-regulating heaters that run open-loop without any external diagnostic controls. In short, Advanced PTC ceramic heating elements provide faster, more efficient, longer, and safer heat transfer than traditional fan heaters. You would be better off getting a PTC fan heater than a normal fan heater.


Armed with this information and having researched various electric tower fan PTC heating models, I was ready to pounce on Black Friday. I had a couple of options in mind:



All seemed similar spec but I was slightly leaning to the Pro Breeze 2000W Ceramic PTC Tower Fan Heater model due to the high reviews and trusted brand name – the draw back of this model was that it didn’t have a remote. So I was to see which had the biggest discount on Black Friday and make the purchase.


Black Friday came along and being the indecisive person that I am, I kept doing even more research. I tell you, with all the reading that I have done, I should be an electric heating expert by now!


The Probreeze was my first choice but not having a remote put me off. But then browsing on Amazon lead me to something, Probreeze had just realised a newer model of the tower fan heater called Probreeze model PB-H15 and this one had a remote and had more functions. And the best part is it was cheaper than the older model. I was sold. I bought it right there and then.


My heater arrived on Saturday and so far I have no complaints. It has worked way better than expected and heated my room up as expected. It took around 20mins for the room to really warm up and I switched on the fan after that. I would say I switched off the fan around 7pm and the room remained warm till around 10pm.


The question is, are PTC heaters cheap to run? I would say these heaters are very energy efficient. Cost wise it is also cheap to run. It has high mode which uses 2kw/h which equates to approx. 40p an hour. It also has a low mode which equates to 1kw/h or about 20p an hour. And it has an econ mode which alternates between high and low heat output depending on what is needed. All I can say is that this bad boy is far cheaper than central heating. It is far cheaper to run this heater in a specific room than to turn on the central heating which heats the whole house.


My only qualms about this heater is that it has no memory function. So whenever you switch it off and switch it back on, it goes back to the standard setting of high power and 30c. You then need to set it to your required mode and temp. First world problems I guess!


All in all I would say that I am so far satisfied with my purchases. So for anyone that wants to cut down on electric bills or just wants to heat one room instead of the whole house, I would recommend getting the Probreeze model PB-H15. It will keep you nice and toasty and get you through these winter months.

Probreeze model PB-H15

Pro Breeze® 2000W Ceramic Tower Fan Heater with Digital LED Display, Remote Control, Automatic Oscillation, Built-in Thermostat, 2 Heat Settings, Eco and Fan Only Modes – Specifications


  • Digital LED Display & Remote Control: Features an easy-to-read digital LED display and enhanced adjustable thermostat for precise temperature control, it is the ideal room heater for bedroom, home office or office. The included wireless remote allows you to change the temperature and enable/disable oscillation.


  • Powerful Adjustable Heating: Engineered with extra-large fast heating ceramic elements and two powerful fans which provide fast and efficient heating. Simply select a desired temperature from 15°C to 30°C and the electric heater will automatically reach and maintain this temperature.


  • 8 Operating Modes & Oscillation: Features 1000 Watt (low) and 2000 Watt (high) power modes, energy efficient ECO mode and fan only mode, all in stationary and 80 degree oscillating settings. ECO mode intelligently adjusts heat output for optimal energy efficiency, helping you to stay warm and lower your energy bills


  • 24 Hour On/Off Timer: This portable heater features an advanced 24 hour on/off timer with 1-hour increments. The heater will automatically switch on or off after the selected time, making it the perfect electric space heater for pre-warming your bedroom, office, kitchen, garage or any other cold room.


  • Advanced Safety Features: Built in overheat protection and anti-tip over switch ensures this electric heater instantly switches off in any unsafe situation. Lightweight and portable space heater for bedroom, space heater for small office. DIMENSIONS: 20 x 20 x 52cm