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Asset 1Last Update: January 2, 2024 is a popular online trading platform allowing users to invest in US-listed stocks and ETFs with no commission and low foreign exchange fees. It also features a social network where investors can share their ideas, insights, and portfolios with millions of other users.

If you are reading this article, you are surely wondering if is also available in the UK. As it turns out, you’re very lucky, as it hit the UK market relatively recently, debuting in July 2023!

In this article, we will review the pros and cons of in the UK (the current offering compared to the US differs a lot), benchmark it with some alternatives, and help you decide if it is the right platform for you.

Is available in the UK?

Yes, has been available in the UK since July 2023. The platform was established in 2018 as a commission-free alternative to traditional brokerage houses in the US, and it is now entering a new market for the first time in its history, similarly to other brands like Webull and Robinhood.

Operations in the UK are conducted by Public Investing UK Limited (FRN: 985994). Although the company does not have a direct license from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), it is an appointed representative of Khepri Advisors Limited (FRN: 692447), which does have such authorization. UK home

You may wonder if the British version of offers the same trading conditions and instruments as the American version. The offering is limited to over 5,000 US stocks available commission-free during US trading hours. Customers can access stocks on the platform without an additional subscription. also does not charge FX fees for individual transactions. However, keep in mind that there is a low % conversion fee of 0.3% for converting from GBP to USD for deposits and withdrawals. This happens because your account will only be in USD, as explained here. compared agains other players compares its offering in the UK to other popular platforms available in the country

Although currently focuses on offering American stocks, it plans to add new instruments and products in the future, depending on customer demand. The first to be introduced will be the Investment Plans service, which allows for creating customized recurring investments.

Does offer a referral bonus in the UK?

Yes, offers a referral program in the UK. According to the latest rules in effect since 2023, customers from the UK who are part of the “Open to the Public Investing” program can also earn rewards for referring their friends to open an account with

How to Earn a Referral Bonus with Public Investing:

  • Share Your Referral Code: The first step in this process is to share your unique referral code with a friend who is not already a member of Public Investing.
  • Friend’s Account Opening: Your friend must use your referral code when they are prompted during the account opening process on Public Investing.
  • Approval and Deposit: For both of you to qualify for the reward, your friend must be approved for a brokerage account and make an initial one-time deposit of at least $1,000.
  • Claim Your Reward: Once the above conditions are met, both you and your friend will receive $20 in an asset of your choice. This is subject to the terms and conditions outlined by Public Investing.

Because only offers access to shares in the UK, you cannot claim your reward in other instruments. At the same time, remember that the bonus is paid in fractional shares.

Pros and cons of in the UK

If you’re wondering what strengths and weaknesses the UK version of has, you’ve come to the perfect place. Below is an unbiased list of the most important ones. has many advantages for UK investors who want to access the US stock market. Here are some of them:

  • Commission-free trading: You can buy and sell US-listed stocks without paying any commission fees during regular market hours (2:30 PM to 9 PM GMT). This can save you a lot of money compared to other platforms that charge fees per trade or per month.
  • Low foreign exchange fees: You only pay a 0.30% fee when you deposit or withdraw cash from your account. This fee covers the conversion from GBP to USD and vice versa at the interbank rate. You don’t pay any foreign exchange fees on individual trades, which means you can trade as often as you want without worrying about hidden costs.
  • Social investing: You can follow other investors on and see their portfolios, trades, and comments. You can also join groups based on your interests, such as technology, healthcare, or sustainability. You can learn from other users, get inspired by their ideas, and share your own opinions and insights.
  • Educational resources: You can access key metrics and analysis on every stock on, such as revenue, earnings, cash flow, debt, and valuation ratios. You can also compare two stocks side by side and see their performance over time. Additionally, you can listen to earnings calls on demand, view reports on sector trends and market news, and get expert analysis from professional analysts.

However, also has some drawbacks you should be aware of before signing up. Here are some of them:

  • Limited asset classes: only offers access to shares from US-listed companies. It does not offer any other asset classes, such as ETFs from other markets, bonds, cryptos, options, or alternative assets. If you want to diversify your portfolio beyond US stocks, you must use another platform.
  • Limited trading time: One of the drawbacks of using the platform for investors based in the United Kingdom is that trading is restricted to US stock market hours. This means that UK investors can only execute trades between 9:30 AM and 4:00 PM Eastern Time (ET), translating to approximately 2:30 PM to 9:00 PM in the UK (GMT/BST).
  • Limited platform’s features:’s platform is designed simply, targeting novice investors who may find traditional trading platforms overwhelming. However, this simplicity comes at the cost of limited features, particularly for more experienced or professional traders. The platform does not offer charting capabilities, lacks real screeners, and does not provide other stock evaluation tools commonly found on more comprehensive trading platforms.
  • No UK tax-friendly accounts such as ISA or SIPP fees in the UK

As mentioned above, does not charge commission or foreign exchange fees on individual trades during regular market hours. However, it charges some other fees you should be aware of. Here is a summary of the key fees on

  • Foreign exchange fee: 0.30% when you deposit or withdraw cash from your account.
  • Extended-hours fee: $2.99 per trade during pre-market trading (1 PM to 2:30 PM GMT) and after-hours trading (9 PM to 1 AM GMT).
  • Optional tipping: Your choice. You can decide whether and how much you want to tip before submitting an order. introduced tipping instead of payment for order flow, which it stopped accepting. The company states this method is a more transparent and better way to earn money. fees

Fees on Public alternatives in the UK

If you are looking for alternatives to in the UK, several other platforms offer commission-free access to US stocks and ETFs. In addition, they have more instruments on offer, allowing for better diversification of trading.

  • eToro: eToro is a global social trading platform that allows you to invest in stocks, ETFs, cryptos, commodities, currencies, and more. It offers commission-free trading on US-listed stocks and ETFs (not for US investors) and a copy trading feature that lets you copy the trades of other users. However, it charges a 0.50% foreign exchange fee if you deposit in GBP (like, it only has the USD as a base currency), withdrawal back to GBP, and an inactivity fee.
  • Trading 212: Trading 212 is a UK-based online broker offering commission-free trading on the most popular instrument. It also offers fractional shares and a free practice account with virtual money. It charges a 0.15% foreign exchange fee.
  • Interactive Brokers: Interactive Brokers is one of the world’s largest and most reputable brokers, offering access to various financial products, such as stocks, ETFs, options, futures, bonds, cryptos, and more. It also provides low currency conversion fees and advanced trading tools and features. However, it charges commission fees on all trades (minimum of $1 per order).

Conclusion’s entry into the UK market is undoubtedly exciting, offering a fresh, social approach to investing. While the platform has its limitations, such as a restricted range of financial instruments, its user-friendly interface and community-driven features make it an attractive option for many.

Whether you’re a newbie looking to dip your toes into the investing world or a seasoned trader seeking a more interactive experience, is worth considering.

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