Four Years of MoneyGrower

November 2018 is a special month. It has been four years since I started the Moneygrower site. I wanted to thank all of you who follow my humble site. I didn’t really expect that I will still be going strong for 4 years in a row. I also never expected that this site will become so popular, with 12,000 – 15,000 monthly views. I also get countless thoughtful emails for which I am grateful for.

When I started the site, I had no real knowledge of personal finance. Yes I did a masters in finance degree and worked in both a bank and an accountancy firm. One might think that personal finance comes naturally for a person with my background but that is certainly not the case. I knew a lot about how the economy worked but very little about how I could become financially independent. Strange what we are taught isn’t it?

I thus started to read more around personal finance and soon learnt that it was not that hard to build wealth. I started this site as a way to put my thoughts into writing. I have talked about ways on how to earn, save and invest money. I have also talked about taxes along the way. But by far the most read section and the one I focus the most on is the one titled ‘my journey.’

Whilst devouring everything I could on personal finance, I came across a movement known as Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE). This was basically a community of like minded people whose aim it is to create a passive income stream for themselves that could cover all their expenses. By doing so, they no longer needed to go to work to get a paycheque and instead could retire in their 30s and 40s. They could choose to do whatever they so wished with their time as money was longer an issue.

The idea of becoming financially independent and retirement early resonated with me. As soon as I read about it and learnt the possibilities, I wanted in. After exploring the different ways on creating a sustainable and growing passive income stream I decided on dividend growth investing.

The my journey section of this site is a real time account of my path towards financial freedom. I document the stock purchases I have made as well as the reasoning behind them (though they are a handful of stocks I have bought that I haven’t mentioned on the site as they are contained in my Stock Lists together with Target prices). I also update my dividend income figures on a quarterly basis. This section also gives me the most pleasure as I can see the progress I am making in real time.

In general, I have learned a lot of personal finance lessons over the past 4 years. In terms of building wealth, the steps are simple : Spend less than you earn and invest the difference. Reinvest dividends. Stick to high quality blue chip companies or an index fund. And keep activity and fess low. It is really that simple!

Looking at the archive section, I have covered a wide range of topics. Some of my best articles include:

Thank you for reading MG over the past 4 years!