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Over the weekend, there has been rumours circulating on social media that top UK spread betting and CFD provider, ig.com, will be is increasing the margin requirements to 100% on 1,000+ stocks next Friday. The rumour is IG account managers began contacting clients last week informing them that various stocks would go to 100% margin. This is because IG’s prime brokers have demanded more capital for its positions. Whilst these reports are still unconfirmed, it could prove to be unwelcome news for investors both up and down the country.


If you are an IG account holder with shares on the margin list you would either have to put up the cash or sell your position.


This is why I never spread better or trade in CFDs, too much counter party risk!


If the rumours do prove true, even though I am not an IG client, it could hit me too. This is because they will inevitably be forced dumping of stocks on the hit list! So if you are all cashed up, worth having a look at the list and seeing if there are any stocks you fancy!


Now I am not saying this will happen. I don’t even know if it is true. But it is always better to be prepared and in the know than to be caught out cold. 


If you are an affected client, its probably worth considering if spreadbetting, CFDs and a firm like IG is for you.


A good IG alternative in the UK is Freetrade. They are offer commission free-trading and have a slick easy to use app. I personally use them and I can honestly say they have been excellent so far.


Freetrade is an app for the investor and not the trader. No spread betting, no margin, no nonsense.


There is currently a promotion running for new users. Anyone who signs up with my link, funds their account – can be as little as £1 will get free share – and complete a W8-BEN form on the app will receive a free share worth up to £200.

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