I Get £10 A Day For Waking Up – Passive Dividend Income

£10.  That is the amount of money that is expected to come my way each and every day. This money will hit my bank account regardless of what I do.   If I choose to sleep all day, £10. If I choose to watch TV all day, £10. If I choose to go on vacation £10. If I choose to quit work, £10. At this point in my life, I have ensured that 10 keeps flowing my way irrespective of what I do.

So how did I get here?


It took a lot of hard work. It took perseverance.  It took giving up on a lot of monetary things. I had to delay gratification. Instead of frivolously spending  the money I earn from my job, I saved and invested it in order to get more in the future. I was essentially using money to buy more money. And that is how I ended up in this position. 


 What I did was not a secret. It is easily replicable. In fact, I have chronicled every step of this process in the my journey section of this website.


Four years ago, I came to the realisation that I was not getting anywhere financially. All the money I earnt was simply being spent. 


This lead me down the passive income rabbit hole and in particular my focus was on dividend investing due to a number of advantageous factors


I haven’t looked back since. Over the past four years, I have been investing meticulously into dividend paying companies. This has lead to my annual dividend income increasing from £0 in December 2015 to £3,714 today; or just over 10 a day .

£10 a day may not seem like a lot to many of you of but it sure as hell beats nothing and having no back up income source.


I used to have this same mentality when I initially started.


My first dividend payment from BP was only £36. Breaking it down, this is only 10p a day.


I could have stopped right there and then. I could have asked myself what’s the point. I could have questioned how a measly 10p a day could make a difference to my life.


But I didn’t. I persevered. I knew that even that everyone starts small. Even the best investors and richest people had humble beginnings. Tomorrow’s giant oak trees and planted by the small seedlings of today


I kept on investing. I let the companies I own do their thing. I knew the companies I invested in were of high quality and would increase profits year after year and therefore send me ever increasing amounts of dividends. Furthermore, I could use the dividends these companies sent my way to buy even more shares which would increase my annual income even further.


Slowly but surely I started to see a difference. I saw my dividend income rise month after month. I soon smashed the £1,000 annual dividend income barrier. £2,500 followed soon after. And before I knew it I had hit £3,000 and £3,500.


One thing I have learnt during this process is that money starts to work for you pretty quickly.


Money works harder than anyone I know. It works incredibly hard. Harder than you or I could ever work. It requires no sleep or food. Better yet, it works harder and harder as time goes by.  That’s because it replicates itself, creating extra little worker bees all by itself. And those new worker bees later create more new worker bees. On and on it goes.


Money’s ability to replicate itself is my favourite thing about it. When you invest in some of the best businesses in the world, you then have thousands – or even millions – of people working for you  

Better yet, money becomes more efficient at working for you and compounding itself the more it does so. The more money replicates itself, the better at replicating itself it becomes. It is this which allows money to compound over time.

 I have personally seen this ability over the last couple of years. My portfolio value is now growing way faster than when I started. This is due to the trifecta of dividend growth investing – organic growth, dividend reinvestment and new money invested.

Dividend Growth Investing can be a very useful wealth building tool if used correctly. By buying into high quality companies, you are able to build a portfolio that sends you ever increasing gushers of cash every year.

Today, that stream of income amounts to £10 a day. And who is to say that the £10 a day I receive from my stock market portfolio won’t turn into £20 or £500, or even £100 in the years to come. Looking at the secret stock market dividend millionaires, this is not impossible.


The aim is for me is to one day cover all my expenses using dividend income. And when this happens, I will be financially free. I won’t have to do things solely for money any more. If I don’t like my job, I can quit. If I don’t like my boss, I can quit. I don’t have to be part of the rat race anymore.


This post wasn’t written to brag or anything like that. I am still a small fish in the bigger investor ocean. Instead, I hope this post will inspire you. It is here to show you what is possible.


So if you’re on that journey to financial freedom, keep chugging along. Keep building that dividend stream. It is possible to attain your dreams. For one day you will be grateful you did so.