How To Profit from Black Friday

Black Friday is soon upon us. It is a huge bonanza for retailers both big and small. It is said that the weekend of Black Friday and Cyber Monday gives retailers the biggest chunk of trade over any weekend period. So if you are an entrepreneur, or just love making money, black Friday is an event that should not be missed.

How To Make Money On Black Friday?

There are many different ways to make money on black Friday. In this article, we discuss the two most common ways of doing so:


Start an online business

This is perhaps the most straightforward and easy to understand way of making money from Black Friday. Starting an online business is not as difficult as it sounds, especially with modern platforms such as Ebay, Amazon and Shopify. By doing business on these platforms, you already have readily available logistics you can rely on and readily available traffic that you can target. But it is a crowded area and you need to be a savvy marketer in order to profit handsomely.


Invest in Online Businesses

This is the way I choose to take part in the black Friday bonanza. I am not an entrepreneur by nature nor a great salesman but I do love making money. Who doesn’t?!


Instead of starting my own business, I invest in already great businesses. Why train a horse from scratch when you can back a proven winning horse. Sure there is a certain sense of satisfaction of training a horse from scratch to a grand national winner, but it is hard work, time consuming, skill intensive and has long odds. If you can do it, all well and good. On the other hand, if you back a championship winning horse, the odds of your success are higher.


This is the approach I use.


So which companies can you invest in? Any that are publicly traded to be honest. Amazon, eBay, Boohoo, Shopify, Paypal, Google. All the digital winners. And if you want to target more specific categories, there are a number of retailers to choose from Currys Pc World owner Dixons Carphone, Tesco, Saisburys, Nike, Adidas, JD Sports, Next, Walmart. The list goes on. You can also benefit by investing in companies that run the logistics around black Friday; Royal Mail for online delivery and Tritax Big Box REIT which owns the big warehouses online retailers store their products.

So how exactly do you benefit by investing in companies?


When you buy a share of a company via the stock market, you become a partial owner in that company. And buy being a partial owner you are entitled to the profits a business earns. So if a company has a good black Friday, their profits will shoot up and you will benefit by an increased stock price. The company in question may also choose to distribute the profits to the owners in the form of dividends, which you are one.


So there you have it. It is really that easy to profit from the spending boom of black Friday. All you need to do is own a business or have a share in a business. So what are you waiting for. Go make that money.

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