Freetrade Is Giving New Users Free Shares! Sign Up Codes

After a long wait, the first fee free share dealing platform has launched in the UK.

Freetrade has fully launched in the UK and is offering £0 dealing charges for both buying and selling shares. How sweet is that.

Finally we have a robin hood alternative in the UK. I did a writeup of free trade last year before it launched and I will be doing a new review soon now that I have started using the product.

So why this post? Free stuff that’s why

Currently free trade is offering free shares to users in instance where they sign up via an invite.

By signing up with the link, you will be able to get a share worth up to £200 absolutely free.

So all you have to do is:

  • Sign up via this link:
  • Fund the account. Could be as little as £1 if I’m not mistaken.
  • Complete the W8-BEN form on the app.

Then BAAM.You are eligible to get a free share. And I get a free share as well. So its a win win.

So if you are thinking about opening an account with Freetrade or just like free stuff, then use the above link and sign up to Freetrade.