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This section of the website will aim to depict my journey to Financial Freedom.
Any stocks I buy are not recommendations and you will need to do your own research to ensure that they are right for your own personal circumstance.

May Stock Market Purchase – Be Selective

Four years ago Hendrik Bessembinder, a finance professor at the Arziona State University, published a very interesting paper on stock market returns. It showed that despite the tremendous stock market gains over the past century, most stocks are actually duds. In fact, of the roughly 26,000 stocks listed between 1926 and 2016, more than half lost money or did worse than holding one-month treasuries. Yikes!   On the other hand , just 4% of stocks accounted for all the net wealth creation over this time, roughly $35 trillion!   Bessembinder added to his work in 2019 by looking through an international lens. It makes for even more stark reading. About […]

Finding Value In This Crazy Bull Market!

March 2020 seems a very long time ago. Over a year ago, the markets had dropped 30% in just 20 trading days to make it one of the fastest bear markets dropped ever. The drop was so severe and the panic was so substantial that there was calls to shut down the stock market! Blood was truly in the streets.   Fast forward to today and the complete opposite has occurred. There is total euphoria in the markets. Markets have rocketed from the lows of March 23, 2020 to todays heady heights. The Dow Jones Index is up 80%. The S&P 500 is up a similar amount. The Nasdaq is […]

April Stock Market Purchase – LSEG

Global stock markets have been a bit mixed during April, though the FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 have posted positive returns. Reopening optimism continues, somewhat tempered by the announcement of further lockdowns in Europe following a rise in cases, and a less positive trend in economic leading indicators versus expectations. Metal and energy prices continue to rise thus propelling the commodity heavy UK markets higher.   Apart from macroeconomics, what has lead the UK markets higher in April is the beginning of the new ISA season. With individuals being given a fresh £20,000 allowance they could invest tax free, money came rushing in to the markets and propelled them higher. […]

First Quarter 2021 Dividend Income

It has been an interesting start to the year. From the doom and darkness of January to the sunshine and hope of spring. January seemed to go on forever. The darkness and lockdown did not help. The days were all the same. There was no end in sight. But as I type this, I ask myself the question ‘ where has the time gone?’ I can’t believe we are already a quarter of the way through the year. Time seems to be flying. Having not done or achieved much doesn’t help in that sense. But I do hope better days are ahead.   In terms of the markets, Quarter 1 […]

ISA 2021/2022 – Invest £20,000 Tax Free

Happy new tax year!   Well, I know what you are thinking, happy and tax should never be used in the same sentence! But in this case I can be forgiven for doing so. The start of the new tax year brings with it the opportunity to invest an amount up to £20,000 completely tax free using an Investment Savings Account. If that doesn’t get you excited, I don’t know what will!   The easiest way to describe an Investment Savings Account or an ISA for short is as a legalised tax heaven for the average person like you and I. When you invest via an ISA, you are able […]

March Stock Market Purchase – Cheap UK Quality Stocks

Patience is the key to successful investing. I have written about Increasing Time Horizons Is The Only Way For Individual Investors To Outperform. But with the goings on this year, this point needs to be reiterated. As Buffett has said “If you aren’t willing to own a stock for ten years, don’t even think about owning it for ten minutes.”   Investing is like gardening, it takes time to build something beautiful. If we were as impatient about gardening as we are about investing, we would never have any flowers or trees.   Take Tom who plants some seeds in his back yard. After a day, he checks back. Surprise, […]

Saving £50,000 by the age of 25 – A Real Life Case Study

If you want £25,000 by the age of 25, you either inherit it, marry into it or have a super high income. That’s at least how the modern-day thinking goes. Well, I did neither of those things. I don’t have wealthy parents, wasn’t married at 25 and the highest income I earned during that period was £31,800! Instead, I had £50,000 saved in my bank account via the old fashioned way; I saved it.   So how exactly did I do it? Read on to find out.   I’ll start my story of at the age of 18. This is when one’s life really begins, and it is the age […]

February Stock Market Purchase – Euphoria

The opening week of February saw the largest ever weekly inflow of cash into global shares, according to Bank of America’s global research team, as well as the largest ever inflow into technology stocks. Of the total inflow of $58.1 billion into equities, some $25.1 billion or close to half flowed into US large-cap stocks, the second-highest figure on record, while $5.6 billion flowed into US small-cap stocks, the third highest figure on record. Technology stocks posted their best ever week of inflows at $5.4 billion, while flows into bonds reached $13.1bn, pushing the yield on US ‘junk’ or sub-investment grade loans to below 4% for the first time in […]

Selling Coca Cola From My ISA and Moving It To My SIPP Portfolio – US Stocks Dividend Withholding Tax

Coca Cola is a never sell stock. It is one of those businesses that has been around for 100 years and will be around for 100 more. The soft drinks industry doesn’t change fast. My grandad drank Coke, so did my dad and so do I. I am sure my kids and grand kids will do too. They are not many companies with the heritage, resilience and staying power of coca cola and that is why it is one of the companies on my stock list; a list of the greatest companies in the world that can be held for year and years and will compound your money nicely over […]