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Sandstorm Stock Explodes Higher – Another Case Of Mistaken Identity

It feels like not a day goes by where there isn’t a strange occurrence in the stock markets. The latest story involves Elon Musk and Sandstorm. With 45.4 million followers, a great track record (Paypal, Tesla, Space X) and being the richest man on the planet, Elon Musks tweets have the power to move markets. Every tweet he shoots off garners attention from his followers worldwide. And this has lead to people trying to capitalise on this. Just look at how Dogecoin, GameStop and Signal (albeit the wrong one) spiked upon mention by the richest man in the world.    But what happened yesterday takes the cake!   He tweeted […]

The Full Gamestop VS WallStreetBets Story – Shorting Hedge Funds

Trading in Gamestop (NYSE:GME) has caught the worlds attention. The story has gotten everyone talking from richest man in the world Elon Musk ( who is against the hedge funds) to taxi drivers. It  is soo engulfing that it has got Donal Trump jnr and hard left democrats on the same page for once. What started out  an opportunity for some in the Redditt subgroup /r/wallstreetbets to make money has now morphed into something much more more.   The Gamestop story is the everyday Joe saying they don’t like a system geared to the already rich. The story is about about capitalism, class warfare, free markets, censorship, freedom of speech, […]

Buying Shares in AMC Networks Vs AMC Entertainment – What stock is WallStreetBets Tipping?

Reddit subgroup r/wallstreetbets bets taking on the big hedge funds is a story for the ages.   Whilst the original Wallstreetbets posters had a good ‘short squeeze‘ thesis and have made big money. I fear it might not necessarily be a good buy anymore for the retail investor that could get caught holding the baby.   Many of the newer buys are buying based on speculation rather than any research or due diligence. A case in point is AMC Entertainment (NYSE: AMC) vs AMC Networks (NASDAQ: AMCX).   AMC Entertainment, alongside Gamestop, is being tipped by Redditors and social media alike as a way to make money from the short […]

The Gamestop Short Squeeze (NYSE:GME)

The Gamestop Short squeeze is quickly becoming the stuff of legends. From a price of under $3 a year ago, shares in Gamestop now trade hands at over $200 a share. That is close to 100x return. If you had put in $10,000 in to Gamestop shares about a year ago, you would be sitting on a cool $1,000,000. That is truly epic considering Gamestop was dead and buried a year ago. The people at popular subreddit group /r/wallstreetbets crafted the greatest short squeeze of all time. What Is A Short Squeeze? When you believe a stock is going to rise in value, you are said to be “long” the […]

WallStreetBets Saved My Gamestop Position – Redditors Take Over The Market

One of my tight-held mantras is that investing on the stock market should be methodical and boring. If excitement is what one craves, they should perhaps go visit a casino. That is why I am ashamed to say I broke my rule book last week gamifying the stock market and watching every tick $GME made. So what happened?   The reddit group wall street bets and Gamestop. That’s what.   A little background first. A few years ago, before I came to my senses and only started investing in high quality stocks, I bought shares in Gamestop; the American video game, consumer electronics, and gaming merchandise retailer. Buying the shares […]

Fundsmith 2020 Full Annual Letter To Shareholders

The eagerly anticipated annual letter to shareholders from Fundsmith has been released today, Wednesday 20 January 2021. Much like Warren Buffets annual letter has become compulsory reading for any aspirational investor, so too has Terry Smith writings. And it hasn’t disappointed. Smith has given his thoughts on the pandemic as well provided trends that have been accelerated as a result   Fundsmith produced another barnstorming year in 2020 delivering returns of 18.3% far outpacing the benchmark. Since inception roughly 10 years ago, the cumulative returns have been 449.3%! No wonder fundsmith is one of the only funds I invest in.    Looking at the Fundsmith portfolio, it is no surprise […]

Investing In Quality Companies Requires Long Term Thinking

Shares in quality companies often trade at a premium. Investors, myself included, often bulk at the valuation these best in breed businesses trade at and often forgo buying shares in them as a result. But if history has taught us anything, it is that quality shares are often worth paying up for. Even at the higher valuation ratings, these companies consistently beat the markets. Professor Jeremy Siegel, in his book the The Nifty-Fifty Revisited showed retrospectively that a high quality, well-branded company such as Coca-Cola, with a steady earnings growth record could in fact support extremely high multiples – even higher than Coke?s then PE of 46x. A year or […]

Signal Messenger App Share Price – Are Investors Blinded?

The rise of fee free stock trading apps such as Freetrade have been a boon for investors. They have democratised investing by giving everyone a chance to invest in the stock market and own the best businesses in the world.   But like with most things, they are certain drawbacks. I feel the ease of use and the free nature of these apps, coupled with lockdowns, boredom and economic pains have allowed gamblers to enter the stock market. They are bidding up anything and everything. They are treating investing in the stock market like it’s a game cheering every up move in the stocks they invest in without giving a […]

2020 – A Year In Personal Finance & The Markets

What A Year 2020 Has Been. It has been a year full of bad news. It started off with bush fires raging across the world. From Australia to Brazil to California. There was trade escalations between the US and China. And who could forget the rising tensions in Iran which could have led toWW3. To think all that occurred just in the first month is crazy. If there was anything that was going to top that for the rest of the year, it had to be spectacular.     Yet when we remember 2020, we will hardly remember the above mentioned things. For it will be remember as the year […]

Buy Your Family Stocks This Christmas

Christmas is only a few days away. Presents are being wrapped all around the country. Kids everywhere will go to bed on the 24th with eager anticipation as to what they might expect to find under the Christmas tree the next morning. While they’re not as much fun as a shiny new phone or a PlayStation, giving your family members investment gifts for the holidays can provide them with value that lasts a lifetime. Case in point is Apple. If in 2001 you bought the first i-pod, it would have set you back a cool $399. Sure your teenage son or daughter would have been over the moon with that […]