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Finding Value In This Crazy Bull Market!

March 2020 seems a very long time ago. Over a year ago, the markets had dropped 30% in just 20 trading days to make it one of the fastest bear markets dropped ever. The drop was so severe and the panic was so substantial that there was calls to shut down the stock market! Blood was truly in the streets.   Fast forward to today and the complete opposite has occurred. There is total euphoria in the markets. Markets have rocketed from the lows of March 23, 2020 to todays heady heights. The Dow Jones Index is up 80%. The S&P 500 is up a similar amount. The Nasdaq is […]

The Best Tips To Teach Your Kids About Investing

We all know that the easiest way to get rich is to start investing early and let your returns compound over time. The only problem is that it is hard getting the youth interested enough to get started on their wealth building journey. They are more likely to watch the news than actually learn about investing and the benefits it brings.   In my experience, the best ways to teach kids about investing is to make it relevant and fun.   A good example for this is having a discussion with them on whether they would buy Sony which makes PlayStation or Microsoft which makes the Xbox. Ask them about […]

7 Pillars Of Investment Wisdom By Charles Plowden – A Senior Partner at Ballie Gifford

Ballie Gifford are the epitome of a good fund management business. They value performance over fund inflows. They invest for the long term. They are no star fund managers. Instead, they follow a well defined process. A process that has lead to their funds having some of the highest returns in the past decade. Anything Ballie Gifford puts out is a must read. And when a senior partner speaks, you better take note. These are the 7 Pillars Of Investment Wisdom By Charles Plowden, one of only two senior partners at Ballie Gifford.   Start with a blank sheet of paper. Invest in what you think are the best companies, […]

FUNDSMITH Annual Shareholders Meeting Video Presentation 2021

Much like Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway annual shareholder meetings have been great viewing for any aspirational investor, so too has Terry Smith Fundsmith’s annual shareholder meetings. This year, just like last year, the meeting has been virtual due to the on going pandemic.  The good news is that the video of the 2021 meeting has just dropped on the Fundsmith website.   The meeting sees Terry Smith, also known as the english Warren Buffett in some circles, sit down with Jeff Randell in order to talk about a wide variety of topics from the fund, to quality companies to the companies he is invested into the current economic landscape. And […]

Investing Through A Bubble

Goldman’s Non-profitable Tech Index is approaching 250% year-over-year performance. (Twitter)   If statistics like this haven’t given cause for concern, the market should take a long hard look at itself.  Yes I do understand why the stock market is at record highs and equities seem to be the only game in town. Yes I get the arguments of how difficult it is to value equities in this post pandemic world with all the pent up demand and fiscal stimulus sloshing around. Yes, I realise how markets change over time and today, at least in the US,  they are dominated by low capital, highly scalable businesses. Yes I understand the mantra […]

IG Alternative – Buy Stocks And Shares UK

Over the weekend, there has been rumours circulating on social media that top UK spread betting and CFD provider,, will be is increasing the margin requirements to 100% on 1,000+ stocks next Friday. The rumour is IG account managers began contacting clients last week informing them that various stocks would go to 100% margin. This is because IG’s prime brokers have demanded more capital for its positions. Whilst these reports are still unconfirmed, it could prove to be unwelcome news for investors both up and down the country.   If you are an IG account holder with shares on the margin list you would either have to put up […]

The Stock Market Is Too Easy – This Should Concern You

With markets approaching the one-year anniversary of their pre-Covid-highs, it might seem surprising that the MSCI All Countries World index, the benchmark most used by global funds, is hitting new all-time highs.   Thanks to unprecedented monetary and fiscal stimulus by the world’s central banks, markets have recovered sharply from last year’s depths of despair even though unemployment is high, inflation is making a comeback and earnings for a large part of the economy have been wiped out. (To read more on why the markets are at a record high, read my post on the subject here). In this market everyone seems to be making money. That market appears to […]

How To Buy Bitcoin In The UK

How quickly times change. Gamestop is old news and Bitcoin is back in fashion. The price of the cryptocurrency has sky rocketed over the past year going from approx £5,000 to £35,000. That is an insane increase of 600%.   There are a number of reasons for this. Governments debasing currencies from all the money printing that has been going on. Secondly, cryptocurrency is anti-establishment and this movement is gaining traction from the BLM protests, to the capital riots to the Gamestop saga. Thirdly, and arguably most importantly, bitcoin is becoming mainstream with a number of big corporations such as Tesla and a number funds such as Blackrock, Ruffer and […]

Selling Coca Cola From My ISA and Moving It To My SIPP Portfolio – US Stocks Dividend Withholding Tax

Coca Cola is a never sell stock. It is one of those businesses that has been around for 100 years and will be around for 100 more. The soft drinks industry doesn’t change fast. My grandad drank Coke, so did my dad and so do I. I am sure my kids and grand kids will do too. They are not many companies with the heritage, resilience and staying power of coca cola and that is why it is one of the companies on my stock list; a list of the greatest companies in the world that can be held for year and years and will compound your money nicely over […]