Buy Stocks Online

With the current lockdown in place, it seems many people have taken up trading and investing on the stock market. Articles from retuers and altifi are claiming mobile trading apps are enjoying a huge boom in activity.


Freetrade, a new challenger stock broker with a slick mobile trading app, has described March as being an insanely good month as they have seen record account openings, with almost every day setting a new all-time record over the month.


And Freetrade is not alone. A number of London-listed retail brokers have reported a jump in new clients opening financial market trading accounts. 


I don’t know what is driving all these new account openings. It could be that people are bored at home during the lockdown. Or it could be people wanting to make a quick buck. Or it could be people finally realising the old mantra of buying low.


Whatever it is, lets just hope any new user out there doesn’t think investing and trading is easy and can be done with ones eyes closed. Just like you wouldn’t drive a car without having gone through the various tests and getting a driving license, you shouldn’t invest or day trade without the relevant knowledge.You don’t want to get burnt and swear of investing for life.


For a start, have a look at this stock market guide  which should teach you the basics of what a stock is, how to open an investment account online and how to buy stocks online.


And for those of you who have not yet opened an account, or just like freebies like myself, then take advantage of this promotion offered by Freetrade.


Freetrade are currently running a promotion that gives away free shares to new users. So you can get shares of Apple, Microsoft or BP completely free by simply following the below steps:

  1. Click  sign up via this link –
  2. Top up your account. Could be as little as £1 as far as I understand
  3. Complete the w8-ben form on the app.


And that’s it. Just by doing the above you get a free share worth between £3 and £300.