Hello and welcome to Money Grower!

Firstly, thank you for stopping by my little corner of the investment world to learn more about me and my investment philosophy

This is the story of my ongoing journey that seeks to escape the rat race and enter the world of Financial Freedom.

My goal is to invest in dividend-paying stocks that will produce income to one day cover all my living expenses.

This blog will act as a real-time version of my actions, investments and thoughts that will help me achieve this goal.

So why don’t you come on this journey with me by following my story and seeing how you can achieve financial freedom as well.

My story starts in England where I was born. My childhood was split between three locations with England being one of these.

I also spent part of my childhood in Southern Africa as my dad is an expat.

Growing up, I followed the traditional route; going to school, then off to university and finally getting a job.

I did my undergraduate degree in Economics. For this, I did my dissertation on Stock Return Predictability.  

I never at the time thought that I needed to start investing – go figure.

During my time at university, I had a couple of internships at the big commercial banks and I now currently work in tax.

Even though I have only been in full-time employment for the past 2 years, I don’t want to be one of those people that work till they are 65.

I want to have the freedom to choose what I want to do. The freedom to take a year-long holiday and not worry about the financial repercussions.

I believe that money is a tool that can help me or anybody else get that freedom, that financial freedom,

Once I knew I wanted to be financially free, I read every good book I could find on personal finance and investing. I took a note of all the basics and realised that in order to get wealthy over time, three simple rules need to be followed:

  • Don’t get into Debt
  • Live Below your means – Always Spend Less than you Earn
  • Build a base of money generating assets – These assets should churn out money for you over time.

It is really that simple. And the best part is you can become wealthy on a very average salary.

Many people have the ideas that you can’t earn a middle-class salary and achieve finical freedom at a young age. Well, they need to change their mindsets.

The plan that I have set for myself involves investing at least £15,000 a year which means that I can essentially ‘retire’ in 13 years if I wanted to.

This website was created to blog my thoughts and help others that want to be financially free early in life.

The website is split into five sections – my blog documenting my journey to financial freedom, a section on money-saving tips, a section on earning extra income, a section on investing which is split in two, theory and practical investing and a section on tax.

I hope you will find this website interesting and a great resource for you.

I hope my Journey will both interest you and inspire you to break the shackles of everyday life and live the way you want, live a financially free life.