A Good Financial Independence Story

One of the things I enjoy doing in my free time is reading about Financial Independence. Stories from people who have already achieved financial independence are of particular interest as it reignite my fire within and keeps me motivated on my own journey.

A post I read recently was particularly inspiring. The author, who lives in Toronto Canada, breaks down his life into 11 stages and shows how he built a six figure passive income portfolio before he turned 50.

What is particularly great about this post is that the author only started investing in dividend paying stocks later in life. In fact, he made a lot of financial mistakes early on by getting into debt and buying a new car.

Despite this, he followed the golden rule of personal finance in order to turn around his life – Spend Less Than You Earn and Invest The Difference.

The post is littered with tidbits of wisdom. Make a change if you are not happy. Take risks. Enjoy the moment. Avoid Debt. Experiences over possessions. Explore the world. Immerse yourself in culture. Invest Regularly. The Power of compounding returns.

The post is on his website smartersquirrel.com. It is a long read but it is throughly enjoyable. At the end of the post, there is a list of eighteen life lessons that I am sure we can all benefit from. So set aside 20 minutes, grab a coffee and enjoy!

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