Zilch App Review UK

Zilch App Review UK


Today I’m reviewing the “Buy Now Pay Later” app, Zilch. Stick around to the end and you can grab yourself £15 in rewards when you sign up.

How does it work?

The Zilch app “Buy Now Pay Later” feature allows you to spread the cost of items you buy over 4 payments with 0% APR and No fees. Providing an alternative to expensive credit card debt which averages around 21.49% per annum and saving you money. All you have to do is pay 25% of your bill upfront at checkout and that’s it. You pay off the remainder of your purchase over 6 weeks in 4 instalments. It’s designed for those that want to avoid “FOMO” and have what they want now! From a more practical perspective, it can also be used as short term borrowing for payday emergencies.

Zilch also offers 5% cashback if you buy something outright with the “Pay it All Now” feature, allowing you to earn money.

Who is eligible for Zilch?

According to Zilch, You must be a UK resident and be at least 18 years old to apply. Also, if you fall into one or more of the following categories, you may not be able to use Zilch.

  • During or after the registration process, you have taken action that does not comply with Zilch Terms and Conditions.
  • If Zilch is unable to verify your identity, address, or card details.
  • You do not qualify for Zilch based on its internal affordability checks.
  • You have been flagged as a politically exposed, special interest, or approved person by Zilch’s partner.

Zilch runs a “soft” credit check on you to verify your details and assess your creditworthiness. This will have no effect on your credit score and will not be visible to others on your credit record

Zilch App Features

Zilch Plastic Free Card

Most of the banks’ expired cards end up in landfills and because they are made hard to recycle PVC plastic we can’t reuse them but, Zilch offers a game-changing virtual Mastercard that can be used anytime anywhere.

Easy to Use App

Zilch is one of the most popular, easy to set up and use “buy now and pay” later apps that has a straightforward dashboard interface and a single touch repayment easier than other apps and it can be a lifeline when needed. The reminder calendar on the account page is just fantastic.

Hassle-Free Shopping

Zilch offers hassle-free shopping by connecting with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Zilch virtual Mastercard where you have to pay only 25% upfront of your bill payment at checkout. It’s really that simple and an easy way to purchase anything if you’re out of budget and desperately need something.

Zilch Credit Limit

You’ll be given a credit limit of £ 170 on your first use of the Zilch app, this credit limit allows you to make two purchases only. If you use this app on regular basis and repay your outstanding balance it exceeds your credits limit.

Zilch Minimum Spend
Because Zilch supports commissions from the retailers they work with, the funds raised are completely interest-free and come at a 0% APR. With no additional costs or fees, there is no risk that you will not be able to pay the late fees yourself. However, each purchase requires a minimum of £20.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Zilch do a credit check?

Zilch has its own credit check algorithm that ensures your credentials to give you extra Zilch access with a bundle of premium features but it also keeps your privacy confidential and doesn’t allow your details and personal data to be shared with others.

How to activate the Zilch card?

In order to activate the Zilch card, tap on your selected store on the app, and when you are selecting how to pay, just select “Enable for store” and you’re good to go. Also, you can link your Zilch Virtual Mastercard to your device waller.

What is my Zilch credit limit?

Zilch gives a credit limit of £ 170 initially, with this limit you can make two purchases only. It also excels your credit limit based on your regular use and standard balance repayment.

How to use Zilch on amazon?

Open your Zilch app or website, select Amazon as the retailer. This will enable you to activate your Zilch Virtual MasterCard for the Amazon Store and notify your retailer that you are going to pay through Zilch Mastercard.

Where can you use the Zilch app?

You can use the Zilch app online and in person to purchase goods and services. It’s also hassle-free to set up by connecting Google Pay or using a Zilch virtual card.

Which UK shops accept Zilch as a payment method?

Zilch supports 1000+ shopping stores in the UK to allow users to shop now and pay later. You can use Zilch anywhere that supports MasterCard. That’s 1000+ online shopping markets and stores.

A list of the most popular retailers that accept Zilch are outlined below

  • Amazon
  • Argos
  • ASOS
  • eBay
  • Iceland
  • Nike
  • The Hut
  • Tesco

Final Words

As mentioned the Zilch app can be a fantastic way to fund those short term purchases or payday emergencies. And could work out a lot cheaper than a normal credit card or payday loan. Just make sure you pay it off within six weeks and never hit the snooze button because then the fees will start racking up. If you get accepted you can apply for an initial credit limit of up to £170 and start shopping straight away on over 1000 retailers that accept MasterCard (including Amazon).

Zilch £15 Refer a Freind Promotion 

As promised Zilch is currently running a refer a friend promotion.  If you click on the link below, sign up and complete your first purchase, both you and I will receive £15 in Zilch Rewards to spend. If you AND your partner sign up that’s £30 in potential rewards.

The more people you then share your referral code with the more rewards you can earn. Get referring. 




Who is Zilch regulated by?

Zilch Technology Limited is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to perform regulated Consumer Credit activities (FRN 843421). Zilch Technology Limited is a registered company in England and Wales. The Zilch Card is issued by Monavate authorized in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority to issue electronic money (e-money) and provide payment services.