Split Ticketing Websites – Where To Buy Cheap Train Tickets Online

As train tickets prices keep moving upwards, the popularity of split-tickets is on the rise. Split-tickets is where you buy two or more cheaper tickets for your entire journey instead of one direct ticket. For example, if you are travelling from Nottingham to Manchester, instead of buying a ticket from Nottingham directly to Manchester,  it would be cheaper to use split tickets by purchasing a ticket from Nottingham to Sheffield and Sheffield to Manchester. This way you can save on money than the more direct route. The best part is you don’t have to switch trains in Sheffield as the same train goes all the way to Manchester.

Websites where you can buy split-tickets

These are the websites and apps where you can buy split-tickets for your rail journey:

  1. ticketclever.com
  2. splityourticket.co.uk
  3. splitmyfare.co.uk
  4. Ticketing split tool (app)

By using these websites and apps, you can save money when you travel by train.

Other Tips for Cheaper Rail Tickets

For short distance routes where it is hard to find split ticket opportunities, use the following tracks to save money.

  • Get a rail card – The network railcard can get you a third off prices when travelling after 10am.  The family and friends railcard is useful for those with kids.
  • Gold card season ticket – This is good for regular travellers as it gives you a third off all travel including oyster.
  • Use CommuterClub – This website helps you buy cheaper annual tickets without having to fork out the money upfront.
  • Book early – This should come as no surprise but it is amazing how so many people book tickets on the day of travel.

If you enjoyed this article, have a look at the save money tab (LINK) of this website to find more smart ways you can save money.

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