September Dividend Income 4

Another month passes by and another set of dividends have hot my account. Owning shares in companies is really starting to feel wonderful. For September, I have received £236.70 across both my ISA and my high yield dividend portfolio. This is by far the biggest month I have had over my short investing career.

I am beginning to love the fact that cash goes straight into my account without me having to do any work or put in any effort besides the initial stock purchase. I could be in in jail but still make money due to having the right collection of cash generating assets. This is the beauty of pure passive income. Unlike my job where I am paid by the hour, the dividends I receive are not linked to my time or effort. By having an ownership stake in the biggest companies in the world, I am reaping the rewards of other peoples hard work. Other peoples time and money and effort is making me money. And for a change, that feels great. I am tired of working long hours for minimal pay rises. And by purchasing stocks and getting a growing stream of dividends, I am buying myself out.

Having a month like this where my dividend income is above £200 shows the progress I have made over the past year when my dividend income was £0! This motivates me and it illustrates the fact that if I keep doing what I am doing , I will reach my goal of being financially free via dividend income one day.

This is how my September dividend income is broken down. First let’s look at my ISA portfolio which produced £194.97 in dividend income.
Royal Dutch Shell : £90.29
BP : £40.66
Pearson: £4.14
Astrazeneca : 19.92
BT : 26.11
Tritax Big Box Reit : £12.12
Goldcorp : £1.73

My high yield dividend portfolio threw off the following amounts of cash to me:

Royal Dutch Shell : £17.28
Legal and General: £13.88
UIL Ltd : £10.57

All in all, it has been a great month. I don’t expect all months to be as cash generative as September has been but as I continue making new purchases and adding to my dividend income, I expect many more months to come in line with this over time.

So if you are just thinking about starting your portfolio or have just started, this should act as motivation for you. In just over a year, I have gone from having a dividend income of £0 to a forward dividend income of close to £1000. By being both patient and diligent in my purchases, I have managed to acquire ownership stakes in wonderful businesses at terrific prices that will throw cash at me for many years to come