Best Fintech Companies across Europe!

The financial technology scene in Europe is blossoming. Whilst Silicon Valley is still the place to be for any young technology company, Europe is fast catching up as seen by these amazing companies that have spawned across the continent.

Anivo (Switzerland) – Anivo is an end-to-end online insurance broker, providing an insurance marketplace and individual advisory for retail customers as well as developing digital insurance propositions together with leading banking-, telco- and retail corporate partners.

B-Secur (Northern Ireland) – B-Secur is a Belfast-based biometric security company that has developed a next-generation biometric solution that utilises a person’s unique heartbeat pattern to authenticate users. This has many commercial applications within mobile banking & payments as well as automobile and physical access control.

Commuter Club (England)allows you to buy discounted annual rail tickets without having to stump up the money upfront.

Crowdcube (England) Crowdcube is an online crowdfunding platform that enables individuals to fund and profit from businesses in diverse arenas. The company requires businesses that are raising capital to present a budget and video each as minimum criteria in order to gain approval in the selection process.

Deposify (Northern Ireland) –Paying and holding rental deposits and resolving deposit-related disputes causes problems for landlords, tenants and letting agents. Deposify holds the rental deposit on behalf of the landlord and tenant and, with its built-in resolution process, resolves disputes in weeks. Deposify also helps solve the compliance obligations on landlords and letting agents created by holding onto money from deposits.

ibox (Russia) – ibox is a Cloud/Mobile Payments and acquiring service with offices in Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and Russia set-up in 2013. Thanks to ibox, now everyone can accept payment by credit card. All you need is your smartphone and ibox.

IdeaBank (Poland) – The Idea Bank is allowing business customers to order a mobile ATM housed in an electric BMW i3 car to drive to them any time of the day or night so they can make deposits free of charge.

Iyzico (Turkey) – iyzico is the easiest way to accept online payments in Turkey. It offers over 22 different payment options and additional features like recurring payments, one-click payments, payment in installments, bank transfers and a marketplace solution.

JustPark (England) Just Park allows you to rent out your car parking space to earn extra cash. It also allows commuters looking for a car parking space to find one that is cheaper than one at the NCP.

FairMoney (wales) – FairMoney is a comparison website of loan products from certified fair lenders, specialising in customers who have a bad credit rating and/ or find it difficult to get approved for loans. FairMoney says commission does not affect ranking of products.

Meniga (Iceland) –Meniga creates personal finance apps, helping banks worldwide utilise big data to provide a personalized customer experience. The startup is already serving +35 million consumers in 17 countries.

Paymentwall (Ukraine) –Paymentwall is the leading global payment platform for a wide range of goods and services. Paymentwall partnered with 140 payment method providers worldwide to offer global payments coverage for users in more than 190 countries with credit and debit cards, mobile payments, e-wallets, bank transfers, prepaid cards and many others. Paymentwall is headquartered in San Francisco, USA, with 11 more offices worldwide.

Tricount (Belgium) – Tricount allows you to share group expenses amongst your friends. During or after a group activity, it is often necessary to do some accounting. With Tricount, you can easily figure out how much everyone owes or is owed.

Worldcore (Czech Republic) – Worldcore is an online payment service provider which is an alternative to traditional bank account offering payment accounts, virtual & plastic prepaid debit cards, mass payments, money transfers to any Visa/Mastercard credit/debit cards and international money remittance services for individuals, business and e-commerce.

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