Secrets of Online Shopping Review – Channel 4 Super Shoppers Show

The just aired show, secrets of online shopping, delved into the online shopping revolution and how the UK consumer has embraced this trend. The UK is the biggest nation of online shoppers in the world. The show presented some tips and tricks when it comes to shopping online and even offered advice on how to save money. The show is presented by the same people that brought us super shoppers (If you haven’t seen that article, click on the link as it shows ways you can save money).


  • When we shop affects our spending habits. The later at night we shop, the more we are likely to spend.
  • The internet makes influencing your shopping decisions much easier. Retailers can place products on their website in such a way that it tempts you to buy that product. No surprise, these are mostly higher profit items.
  • The one-click payment method is also a trick to influencing your decision. If a one-click option is available, consumers are more likely to make a purchase as people don’t want the hassle of going through the whole payment process.
  • To save money, use Shop-Bots. These can troll through websites and get you the best price for the product you are looking for.

  • Use the chatbox on the website to chat your way to a discount. 


  • Supermarkets actually lose money when they deliver to your home. It costs them about £8 per delivery but they only charge in the range of £3 – £4.This is one of the reasons your supermarket shop doesn’t get to you in time during peak times such as the holiday as the system is not built to handle it.

Online Takeaway

  • Companies like Hungry House, Deliveroo and Just Eat now deliver to your door from a wide range of takeaways and restaurants. But such convenience comes at a price. Although the online price is no different to the normal prices, overall prices have increased. This means that take aways and restaurants have pushed the commission costs associated with companies like Just eat on all the customers, and not only the online ones.

Why online deliveries don’t reach us in one piece

  • Due to the boom in online retailing, delivery companies are getting more pressed for time and resources. It is said that the last mile costs in excess of half of the the total delivery value. Because delivery companies don’t want to come back the next day if you are not at home, they will often get the parcel into your house or garden by all means possible. This includes throwing your parcel over the garden fence causing your parcel to break.


  • Amazon is the king of online shopping. Even though there is negative press surrounding the company all the time, people would still rather shop on Amazon than any other website. This is due to Amazon being cheaper than most online companies and having delivery services that are more quicker and faster than any other. But saying all this, Amazon still doesn’t make a profit from its retail business. This just goes to show you that all the costs are not being passed on to the consumer at present

Clothes Shopping Online

  • Due to how cheap clothes are online we have tendencies to buy more than we need. It is estimated that 1/3 of clothes bought online are returned.
  • Wardrobing  – Many people now buy clothes online, wear it and then return it. This is all legal provided the item is in mint condition.

The team did an experiment by buying clothes online and subsequently returning them after wearing them. In all cases, they were given full refunds no questions asked.

Online Couriers

  • Online courier like Henchman are growing fast. These are companies that can get you anything and deliver it to your door within a specified period of time, usually an hour. This comes at a price though as you are charged 10% of the value of your purchase plus a delivery fee of up to £20.


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