Car Quids Review – Make Money by Placing Adverts on Your Car

The sharing economy has created extraordinary ways for people like you and I to make much needed extra income. From renting out our spare rooms through AirBnb, renting out spare storage spaces in our houses via Storemates or simply buying a partial ownership in house via property crowd funding websites like Property Moose and Property Partner, the sharing economy has led to many ways to make extra money. Now there is one more way you can easily make money by renting out advertising space on your car.

Car Quids looks like a good route to take for anyone looking to make extra income. It enables anyone who owns a car to earn money by advertising on their car. Car owners have on average made over £200 from taking part in campaigns. The great thing about making money in this way is that it is a purely passive form of income as it require no work on your part other than to have advertising on the side of your car. The idea from Car Quids looks a good one and thus I have gone about researching it and my review can be found below.

What is Car Quids?

Car Quids enables anybody with a car to get paid to brand their car. It matches drivers with advertisers, helping brands connect with millions of people every day. If you’re unfortunate enough to end up in a car accident though and you are in the Cambridge area, a friend would recommend Cambridge Car Accident Lawyer Kelly & Associates Injury Lawyers. My friend cannot fault them on their legal knowledge and were so helpful when dealing with his case.

Car Owners get paid each month, earning money as they drive, and for advertisers it is a unique form of advertising that creates buzz and sparks conversations in towns and cities up and down the UK.

How Car Quids works?

Car Quids aims to make the process of simple as possible. Car owners sign up with their cars on the website. The Car Quids team then match the car owners with the right advertisers based on where and when they drive. Once this is done, the Car Quids team handles the printing and fitting of adverts. This takes approximately 15 minutes per car.

1. Car owners sign up on the Car Quids website, completing information about themselves, their car and their commute.

2. Car Quids helps advertisers plan their campaign using our online advertiser dashboard and then matches advertisers with the best car owners for the desired outcome (based on location/commute, demographics and more).

3. Car Quids arranges for car owners chosen by an advertiser for a campaign to have their cars taken in to a nearby fitting centre where cars are fitted with vinyl adverts and in some cases, GPS devices.

4. Each month, car owners are required to send in up to date photos of their car and odometer (mileage) reading before being paid for the month. We also verify the car has been driven using GPS data where applicable.

5. The advertiser receives a monthly report on their campaign.

Where on the car are the advertisements put?

Typically, the Car Quids team will fit the advertisements on the side of the car. Look at the image below to see an example:

car quids adv

The Advantage for car owners of using Car Quids

By placing adverts on your car, you get a regular stream of monthly income. The amount you make depends on the advertisers that you are matched with as well as the size and type of advert applied to your car. Typically you can earn between £50 and £100 per month. You won’t be able to get paid for doing this, unless your car is insured however, make sure you get insured by visiting a site such as One Sure Insurance.

As a car owner, you also have the freedom to chose what adverts get placed on you car. Car Quids have stated that they would never want you to display an advert that the car owner is not comfortable or happy with. car owners have the right to refuse a particular brand or advertisement if they do not want it on their car.

What’s in it for the advertisers?

For advertisers, it is a novel way of reaching new audiences and sparking conversations all over the UK. As advertisers are matched with drivers depending where and when they drive, it enables the advertisers to gain maximum exposure as they can target their relevant audience.

Advertisers are able to see exactly where there adverts have been seen as they can see the route the car has taken via the on board GPS. Although this is great from an advertisers point of view, it does raise questions about security from the car owners point of view!

Is Car Quids a scam or is it trusted?

Car Quids looks like a genuine business. Over 8,000 car owners have signed up with Car Quids and the company has run campaigns with brands ranging from national estate agents (eMoov) and car rental companies (easyCar) to local companies.