Vouchedfor Review- The website that lets you find financial advisors, solicitors and accountants.

Finding people we trust is a hard job, not just in our everyday life but in our profession lives too. We have heard of too many stories where people put trust in the wrong people and this led to dire consequences. One of the biggest sectors people have trust issues in is in money related matters – honest financial advisors, solicitors and accountants are hard to come by.

That is where vouchedfor.co.uk comes in. It is a website that lets you search for trusted financial advisors, mortgage advisors, solicitors and accountants in your area. The great thing about searching for finance professionals on VouchedFor is:

  • Verified Professionals – the website only list professionals with the necessary permissions to practice from the appropriate governing bodies. This means no sham advisors!
  • User Reviews – People who have used a particular advisor can leave a review of their services. This means that you get genuine user feedback on a particular advisor and this greats helps in choosing someone you can trust for your finance related matters.

VouchedFor covers professionals from all across the United Kingdom. The website is easy to navigate and well laid out.

After doing a quick search on the type of professional you want – financial advisor, mortgage advisor, accountant or solicitor – and the area you are looking for, a whole list of verified professionals show up. You can click on the individuals to see their profile. As seen by the image below, the profiles give some great information like a brief intro of the firm, the individuals education and qualification and user reviews.


So if you are looking for a trusted financial advisor, mortgage advisor, accountant or solicitor, Vouchedfor may be the right website for you to start the process!