The Irony of Having Money

many people say that if they had money they wouldn’t change who they are. Whilst most people say this with the best of intentions, money does actually change people. Sometimes the changes may be small but Man O Man does money change people.

Here are just a few ways money changes you. Have a read, have a laugh and enjoy.

  • When without money, a person eats vegetables at home.
    • When the person has money, eats the same vegetables in a fine restaurant.
  • When without money, a person rides their bicycle everywhere.
    • When the person has money rides the same ‘exercise machine’.
  • When without money, a person walks to earn food
    • When the person  has money, walks to burn fat.
  • When without money, a person wishes to get married.
    • When the person has money, wishes to get divorced.
  • When without money and starting a business,  a mans wife becomes his secretary.
    • When he has money, his secretary becomes his wife.

People just love to deceive themselves in the quest to obtain more money. They never can tell the simple truth. People never seem to mean what they say and never say what they mean.

  •  A person says the  share market is bad, but keeps speculating.
  • Says money is evil, but keeps accumulating.
  • Says high Positions are lonely, but keeps wanting them.
  • Says gambling & drinking is bad, but keeps indulging.