CommuterClub – A review of how to save money on London Underground Train Tickets 1

Train prices. They seem to be going up every year. And rarely do you get any discounts for buying any train tickets. The only exception is buying an Annual ticket. In the current UK market, Annual tickets for rail or underground are priced at a discount of 15-30% compared to tickets that are bought on a monthly or weekly basis. The problem is that to purchase an annual ticket in one go is extremely expensive, putting this option beyond the reach of many commuters.

Thats where Commuter Club comes in. CommuterClub helps UK commuters save money by making the big discounts of Annual public transport tickets affordable through its low cost payment plans.

What is CommuterClub?

In short, commuter club wants to make commuting cheaper and more convenient in the UK through its revolutionary payment plan. It wants to make the big discounts of annual more affordable and accessible for regular commuters.

CommuterClub’s target market is regular commuters who could save by switching to an Annual from either Pay-as-you-Go, Weekly or Monthly tickets. CommuterClub’s core proposition to this market is to offer a new way to save by making the most discounted ticket affordable and convenient, while also allowing a consumer to lock in fares for 12 months and therefore delay the annual fare rise.

How CommuterClub works

Commuter Club makes the most discounted ticket on offer, the annual ticket, more convenient and affordable to commuters through a simple payment plan.

Across the UK, Annual tickets offer a discount of up to 15% of a monthly travel card and a 30% discount compared to weekly travel cards. But the problem is annual travel cards cost upwards of £1500 to buy in one go thus making them unaffordable to many people.

Thus Commuter Club helps you get this discount by purchasing tickets through them whilst you still have the convenience of paying for your rail fare on a monthly basis.

The way to get these discounted tickets is easy. Simply go to the commuter club website and you are able to complete a purchase in under 5 minutes. No need to queue with TFL!

Once you make the purchase and set up your monthly direct debit, you get a brand new Oyster card buy post and you can start using it within 2 days of an order.

The one great thing about commuter club is that there are now lock ins. So if you ever change your mind, you can cancel anytime without a penalty. You win if you stay the full year and you win even if you cancel halfway.

How much money can yousave using CommuterClub.

Your savings you make depends if you currently buy your tickets on a weekly or monthly basis.

1.Weekly basis Savings – If you don’t buy an annual ticket and have money to buy only weekly tickets, you will be paying approx £2392 a year.But if you buy your tickets using commuter club, you will only be paying £1947 a year thus saving you a whopping £445 a year!

In essence, your annual travel costs is the equivalent of just 40 Weeklies for a year of travel. Thus you get 13 weeks of free travel.

2. Monthly basis savings – In comparison to buying monthly tickets, you save up to £200 using CommuterClub. If you include holidays where you don’t buy any tickets, you still save £113 a year !

Buying tickets through CommuterClub is cheaper than buying weekly or monthly tickets. (Click picture to enlarge)

Buying tickets through CommuterClub is cheaper than buying weekly or monthly tickets. (Click picture to enlarge)

In addition, you can get £20 off by signing up using this link

How safe is CommuterClub

Sometimes when something is too good to be true, it usually turns out to be a scam. But in this case, CommuterClub really does help you to save money.

CommuterClub is Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority which makes its pretty safe.

I have been using commuter club now for the past 8 months and all I can say is that it has saved me a lot of money!

Advantages of using Commuter Club

  • Savings with one month free versus buying Monthlies (and much more compared to Weeklies).
  • Additional savings from locking in fares for 12 months and avoiding the annual January fare rise.
  • Convenience of a regular monthly Direct Debit allowing commuters to avoid the hassle of frequent renewals and top-ups – Buy buying your ticket using CommuterClub, you never have to queue for Top-Ups Again
  • Simple sign-up process delivering a new Oystercard as quickly as 2 days from online order.
  • Full flexibility of a subscription product that can be cancelled anytime with no notice or penalty fees.
  • Extra exclusive benefits with deals to Fitness First, Uber, National rail Time Out and Just Eat. See more details here
You can make great savings of train tickets by purchasing through Commuter Club.

You can make great savings of train tickets by purchasing through Commuter Club.