Get an Accountancy job in London using HighFlyers

Highflyers.London is a recently launched online recruitment agency for accountants wanting to work in the city of London. But unlike most recruitment agencies, Highflyers puts the candidates in control as candidates are able to set up interviews with companies of their choice.

The way Highflyers works is simple. If you are a qualified accountant with 3 -10 years experience, simply apply for an account online. Employers, FTSE 350 Finance companies then approach you disclosing salary, position and job requirements upfront. Highflyers have promised that candidates will start getting matched with prospective employers within a week.

Once an employer gets in touch with you, you are able to set up an interview if you feel they are the right company for you. If the interview goes successfully, the company will make you an offer and you will be ready to begin your new job.

But the dream job is not all you get with HIghflyers. You also get a £2000 bonus. Yes that’s right, Highflyers will give you a £2000 bonus when you land a job.

So if you are an Accountant wanting to land that dream job in a top FTSE company, Highflyers.London is the way to go.