How to get paid to watch TV, eat out, go shopping and much more !

Yes, you can really make money from doing the things you love. So if you’re wondering how to make money online, let me explain. Some businesses want nothing more than your opinion as a consumer. These businesses will pay you to simply offer your opinion on things like product designs, new food and beverages, and even TV shows – the kinds of things we indulge in on a daily basis. If you have some free time and are willing to be honest and insightful with your opinions, why not get paid for it?

The people giving opinions are just regular people like you and me. They get paid – sometimes hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year – to criticize and praise their favorite goods and services.
The money comes from market research firms or firms just wanting to know if their new products will be a success. You may have heard of a few, like Walkers who will pay you to sample crisp with various seasonings.

One of my friends – the guy who first told me about this unique opportunity – participates in consumer tasting at least once a month. He gets paid £20 to try different flavored Walkers crisp. The best part is, these studies usually last no more than 10 minutes. That’s like getting paid hundreds of pounds an hour to sit and eat crisps!

Sampling crisps is just one example. Some of biggest companies hire these research firms to conduct studies on other things: new TV shows, business ads, games testing and cell phones. You name it, there’s surveys for money for it. These research groups are scattered across the country and are looking for your opinion.

So if collecting a few hundred pounds a year sounds good to you, here is what to do:

Step 1: Search online for companies that carry our market research. Some places you can start are Focus Group UK , Paid Focus Group People For Research , Paid Focus Group , Vocal Views , and Research Opinions . Remember different market research companies have different specialities or niches they concentrate on so find one that is good for you.

Step 2: Once you’ve registered, keep your phone on you at all times. Focus groups will contact you at their convenience, and you’ll be asked a series of questions on the spot. Take the time to complete the questionnaire over the phone.

Most of the time, these studies fill up fast. If you try to call back, chances are the study will be filled. Also, be honest when answering questions and try to articulate your answers. Researchers are looking for people who aren’t afraid to give their opinions – whether positive or negative.

Step 3: If you do qualify for a focus group, remember the date, time, and location of the study. If you’re late or don’t bother showing up, you can bet they’ll never contact you again.

Step 4: Speak up! You won’t do anybody any good if you say nothing during these focus groups. Businesses are looking for people who know how to speak their minds.

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