Easy Way To Save On Your Supermarket Shop!

It seems that with every passing day, there is a new app or website being launched that claims to help you save money. Whilst many do help, there are only a few worth signing up to. One of the websites that is particularly helpful is My Supermarket .

My Supermarket which is also available for download on your phone as an app has made life that little bit easier by instantly comparing prices across a range of supermarkets, to see which one offers the lowest price for your particular item. Whist this is all well and good, many website are similar in nature and are able to compare a prices at a click of a button. But What makesMy Supermarket truly special and worth signing up to is the variety of ways it offers that can make you save money. Below are some of the features available through this website/app. However, as an added bonus, I urge my readers to visit this page to learn how you can save money on your next trip to Walmart!

  • Quickly compare prices amongst different stores – As mentioned above,you can quickly compare both individual prices and a full basket-shop to see where the deals are and which supermarkets will save you the most amount of money. Or, for more specialized items, why not try a site similar to Pricedrone.com – Price Comparison Shopping? It’s great for when you need to buy anything from pet toys to furniture! Everyone wants to save money. In fact, aside from the obvious health reasons, many people vape for financial reasons. So many people overlook that vaping is cheaper than smoking traditional cigarettes.
  • The variety of supermarkets – Irrespective of where you like to do your supermarket shopping its fair to say My Supermarket has you covered. There are 9 supermarkets that My Supermarket covers (11 if you include Boots and Superdrug. The 9 supermarkets are Tesco, Sainsburies, Morrison, Asda, Aldi, Waitrose, Poundland, Iceland and Ocado.
  • Get Cashback – Not only does the website find the best deals for you, it also allows you to get cash back on your shopping. Cashback is offered on hundreds of products and these offers are exclusive to My Supermarket.
  • Saves Time – This is for those of us who seem to have very little time. As the website checks prices for you from various supermarkets, it could save you lots of time when you are trying to search for the best possible deals on products.
  • Split Checkout – For those that really want to save money, particularly those shopping online, My Supermarket allows you to split your basket between 2 stores meaning that you buy products from the cheapest place.

As you can see see from the above, My Supermarket is a website that is worth signing up to. If you are interested in signing up, please follow this link as it will help you save £10 on your first shop.

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