How To Save Money Shopping Online! 5

Many people have been turning to online shopping in the last few years as prices can generally be cheaper than in actual physical stores. Online shopping also offers a wider variety of products to choose from as well as giving you the ability to compare prices across different stores in an instant. Although products bought online are already generally discounted, here is a list of 5 ways to save even more money from online shopping!

1) Use cash back websites – This is by far the easiest and quickest way to save money. Instead of going straight to the website you want to buy something from, go through TopCashBack and QuidCo in or to save serious money on a wide range of online purchases. I recently posted an article on how you can get free broadband for a year using cash back websites.


2) Use Coupons – Using coupons in addition to the cash back websites mentioned above can get you even a bigger discount. A recent survey has found that 80% – 90% of online retailers offer coupon codes at any given time; the trick is to know where to look! Websites like Coupon Shop , MoneySavingExpert and SuperSavvyMe are great for finding online coupon deals.
Web browser extensions like Honey are even better because they search for coupons for you. Once installed, Honey has a button which appears on check-out pages that actually searches for coupons on your behalf! Another similar useful browser extension is

Another trick to get coupon codes is to use the Live Customer Service Chat. IF you are shopping online and can’t seem to find a coupon code for a particular retailer, use the ‘live chat’ function on the retailers website and politely ask if they have any coupon promotions going. You will actually be surprised at how many of these reps have coupon codes at their disposal.


3) Abandon your virtual shopping cart – If you are shopping online and you absolutely cannot find a coupon code, try abandoning your shopping cart. Log on to the website you want to shop and place items you want in your virtual basket as usual. Then right before you finalise your purchase, close your browser window. More often than not, you will receive an email from the retailer you have ‘ditched’ containing coupon codes that will knock the price off in order to tempt you too buy the product you would have bought anyways!


4) The day of the year – The day you choose to shop online can help you save a significant amount of money especially for big ticket items. Days like Black Friday (last Thursday of November), Cyber Monday (Monday after Black Friday), Manic Monday ( Second Monday in December) and Boxing day (26 december) offer huge discounts. These days are heavily skewed towards the Christmas period but you could also pick up great savings in the first few weeks of summer as retailers also look to discount then.


5) Comparison Sites – Before you buy online, especially for big ticket items, use a comparison site to see if you are getting the best possible deal. Price Runner is a good website to use as it is quick and you could check prices across a plethora of websites to ensure you are getting the best deal.

If you are looking to buy something from Amazon camelcamelcamel is a great website that will alert you when the price on a product you are tracking changes. The website can also enable you to see how the price of a product fluctuates as it is sometimes cheaper to buy a product on a certain day of the week or month thus saving you money.