5 Tips for Beginner Couponers! 2

Couponing has now become a habit for many Britons. Gone are the days where you used to pay full price for items. Couponing has allowed people to save hundreds a year on things they would have bought anyway. And the rise of Coupoing has lead to more and more stores advertising Coupons as a way to attract customers.
Although coupling may sound easy for those that are used to doing it, it can be difficult when you are first getting started. So here is a list of 5 great tips for new and beginner Couponers.

1 ) Know where to look for coupons – Couponing can be very useful and save you a ton of money if you know where to look. Many beginner couponers do not know the range of stores and websites that offer coupons for there products. So here are the best places to look –

  • Coupon Websites : By far, the easiest place to find coupons is the internet. Having said that, it is a great help if you know exactly where on the internet to look. Websites like Coupon Shop , MoneySavingExpert and SuperSavvyMe are great and allow you to search for specific coupons you are looking for. This method is especially useful if you are looking to buy a big expense item as it will help you save up to 10% on certain products. In addition, websites like TopCashBack and QuidCo offer you cash back on certain items which you may use in addition to coupons to get an even bigger discount.
  • Browser extensions – If you are using Google Chrome as your internet browser, there is this great extension called Honey. Once installed, Honey has a button which appears on check-out pages that actually searches for coupons on your behalf! Another similar useful browser extension is Coupon Xplorer.
  • Mobile Phone Apps : You can now even get mobile apps that provide you with coupons on the go. Just download apps like The Coupon App and Yowza and you will be able to  browse through coupons whilst you are shopping.
  • The Sunday Paper : Although many people nowadays don’t read the Sunday Paper, it is a very useful place to get loads of store coupons. In various Sunday papers, there are usually 2 pages worth of coupons that you can get.
  • Online Stores themselves (Live Chat): A friend of mine recently told me that she had been shopping for clothes online and was using the chat function on the website to talk to a sales advisor. As she was about to pay for her clothes, she ingeniously asked the sales advisor if they had any discount codes available. The store did in fact have discounts available and my friend ended up saving 15% on her shopping!

2) Match Coupons with deals – You can achieve greater savings by using coupons when a deal is on. Lets say that you have a coupon whose value is £5 and want to buy an item which is currently £15. Say, there is an ongoing deal on that item bringing the price down to £12.00. If you use your coupon to buy the product, you are essentially only going to pay £7  for that product and that is a massive saving.

Another important factor to consider when Couponing is that it is the actual % you save which is important and not the actual £ amount. Even though the £ amount sounds impressive, you will look to save more on average if you calculate the % you are saving on your purchase.

3) Keep coupons Organized – With all the various places you can get coupons from and all in different formats (on paper or electronically), it may be difficult and frustrating to keep your coupons organized.
Keeping Coupons organized will help you with point 2 above as you will know exactly what coupons you have available and thus will be able to match them to deals better.

4) Don’t be afraid to stockpile – It is a good idea to buy products you use everyday in bulk providing you have storage space. This is particularly useful for store coupons that offer a certain % off rather than an actual money value. Let’s say you have a coupon for 10% off on toothpaste from Tesco. The average price of toothpaste is about £2 so if you buy one, you only save 10p but if you buy say 5, you save £1 and you know that you are going to use these 5 tubes of toothpaste over the coming months. So stockpile if necessary and think ahead.

5) Buy items you use – With all the coupons that are out there, it might be tempting to go and spend lots of money buying stuff you don’t need just because your coupon makes it cheaper. It is important to remember to only buy stuff that you will use. If you go ahead and buy a bunch of items you won’t use, you will have actually spent more money and not saved any.