3 Habits Guaranteed To Save You Money!

Saving money from changing some of your habits is not as drastic as it may sound. Though changing a habit is not easy, continuously doing something a certain way can change an old habit. There are many habits that you could probably change to save you money but here, we look at 3 habits that are common to almost everyone and could save you the most amount of money.

1) Check Cashback Websites and Online Coupons before making purchases.
One sure way of saving money is to make a habit of checking cash-back websites such as TopCashBack and QuidCo before making any purchase. These websites are super easy to use but it is amazing how little people use these websites. Additionally, using coupons in conjunctions with offers on cash-back websites will save you even more money especially on big-ticket items. Coupons are easy to find and there and more coupons out there than people think. Most people don’t want to make the effort to look for coupons but a lot of big savings can be made by using coupons. If you are new to couponing, read my article on 5 Steps For Beginner Couponers. In addition to this, why not also check out How To Save Money Shopping Online.


2) Brew your coffee at home.
Most people like me love coffee and can’t imagine a day at work without it. And like me, most people need at least 2 cups of coffee a day. With the price of coffee at around £3 – £4 at the big chains like Starbucks and Costa, buying coffee from these places could be an expensive habit in the long term. A good way to save money and time (as you don’t need to pop out to these shops) is to brew your own coffee at home and you will notice how your bank account stops ‘leaking’ money.

This does not mean that you should never go out to a Starbucks to get a Frappuccino. Going to get the odd drink from Starbucks should act as a treat for making coffee at home the whole weak. Treat the Frappuccino as a reward from brewing coffee at home the whole week and this will give you added motivation.

3) Plan Meals
Everybody is constantly busy and the last thing we want to do is decide on what we are going to eat everyday. But the thing is, if you don’t plan ahead, you are likely to buy breakfast, lunch and dinner from restaurants thus costing you money.

You know that you are going to eat three times a day, everyday so why not plan for it. By doing this, you will realize savings in both the grocery department and in the time department. The grocery department for obvious reasons but savings in the time department are achieved because planning meals eliminates the “what are we going to eat tonight” problem where you stare at the fridge, freezer or pantry before going out to the supermarket or to get a take-out.


If you change your habit to incorporate the above three guidelines, I guarantee you that you will will see savings to your bank balance.