Get free Broadband! 2

Broadband has now become an essential utility in every household. Internet connection can be sourced very cheaply nowadays too if you utilize the deals offered at Can you imagine life without a broadband connection? Yes that’s right, it is quiet unimaginable. Most providers will charge you an average of between £150 to £200 a year (including line rental) but here at MoneyGrower, we have found ways of getting free broadband from some of the biggest names. Of course, these are based in the UK. You will have to look to different options, such as the at&t bundles on the market in the US, for good deals in your location.

The way to get deals that will ensure your broadband is free is by signing up with TopCashBack and QuidCo. These cash back website will help recoup most, if not all the money you will have to pay to get broadband. Here are some of the deals going at the moment that you can get cash back on thus allowing you to get free broadband.

1) EE are offering a broadband package with unlimited usage all for the low price £2.50 a month (plus £11 a month line rental). In order to make this deal work out for free, simply register with QuidCo and follow the link to the EE website from there. QuidCo are offering £130 cash back if you get the EE deal with them thus covering the whole amount you will fork out for your broadband.

2) Plusnet currently have an ongoing deal for unlimited broadband and calls for £1.50 a month (plus 15.95 line rental). QuidCo are offering cash back of £140 if you buy this deal through them thus making your broadband absolutely free.

3) TalkTalk are offering a broadband deal for £1.75 a month (plus 16.75 line rental). Signing up with TopCashBack and buying the deal through them will allow you to get cash back of £131.25 thus making your broadband price for the year cost close to nothing.

Below are some other deals which although are not free, we thought deserve to get a mention. These are similar in some ways to the international options on the market. If you’re considering changing ISP and are not in the UK, try looking into details like viasat vs hughesnet and comparisons of other providers.

1) Sky have an unlimited broadband deal going for £7.50 a month (plus £16.40 line rental). You can get cash back of £120 with TopCashBack . The cash back rate for sky increases to £168 if you want to get broadband, phone and media.

2) With TopCashBack , you can earn up to £131.25 cash back on Virgin media offers. Virgin currently has a great super fast broadband deal for £10 a month (plus £15.95 line rental).