10 ways to Earn Money Online

1. Survey Websites – There are numerous websites scattered all over the internet where you can earn money online for doing simple surveys but there are only a few worth of note. The website I use is SwagBucks as it is the best for earning potential and other rewards. SwagBucks also allows you to earn money by watching videos, playing games and through Cashback on shopping. Take a look at this rtl article testerheld to find out more about these online surveys.

2. Search Engine Evaluator – Companies like Google will pay you $12/hour for working out of the comfort of your own home. Sounds good doesn’t it? The work basically revolves around cleaning Google’s mess i.e. looking at search results and judging them for relevancy, quality and usefulness. Some companies that are hiring search engine evaluators are LeapForce, LionBridge and Appen. These companies will require you to take a test online before allowing you to do jobs but trust me, it’s worth it.

3. Qmee – With Qmee you get paid to surf the internet. Clicking here will take you to the website where you can download the extension to your browser. Once installed, browse the internet as you usually do, and every so often you will get link suggestions from the Qmee extension which you just have to click on to get free money.

4. Use Cashback websites – Cashback websites are something I cannot do without when shopping online. You get cash back on items you would normally buy online from rail tickets, to hotel stays to even your broadband and energy bills. The best websites are TopCashBack and QuidCo .

5. Etoro – etoro allows you to trade Forex, Commodities and certain Shares online but in a much easier way. With Etoro, rather than you doing all the work by buying and selling different currencies, you can copy traders based on your preferences and thus you can grow your money by just choosing the right traders to copy ( Etoro – registering with this link will earn you a special $50 bonus).

6. Write a blog – Is there a topic you have always been interested in and think you may constructively contribute to it, then why not right a blog. Having a blog with a regular following is a good way to earn cash on the side, and who knows, it might even turn full-time. You can easily start out by writing on platforms such as HubPages. In similar fashion, you could also consider putting your creative writing skills to good use and writing for a different website. Websites like ListVerse pay you $100 to write a top 10 list on anything that you might find interesting. The only catch; the list has to be unique.

7. Use online casinos – Online casinos are a great way of making some extra money – so long as you know how to exploit them. There are many new online casinos popping up every day, so you have plenty of opportunity! But make sure that you take part only on trustworthy sites, so you might have to do some research beforehand. To get the most out of them, and increase your profits the most, you need to be effectively using things like 4x wagering. If you are unaware of 4x wagering and how to make the most of it, this article describes it perfectly. This is also a very fun way of earning money online.

8. Review Music for money – Websites like SliceThePie pay you to review unsigned bands and artists for cash. It can take you a while to build your reputation up but you could get paid up to £40 a month to give your opinion on something you enjoy doing anyways.

9 Crowd Sourcing work – Websites like oDesk, Elance and SkillPages are great for anyone looking to do freelance work. With these websites you basically fill out your application form which includes the skills you have. People on the website will either contact you based on the skills you have to do some work for them for cash or you can apply to do work already advertised on the website. Elance is definitely my favourite as it has the most opportunities and the wider variety of work you can do!

10. CrowdFund money for a project you are interesting in – Have a great business idea but don’t have the capital to start it up? No problem, websites like kickstarter allow you to pitch your business online to potential investors and if they like what they see, your business can get the money (and the exposure) it needs to get it off the ground. Other websites include CrowdFunder and CrowdCube.