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Donate Money and Save Tax With Gift Aid! 1

If you are a higher rate (or additional rate) tax payer, you can reduce your tax liabilities by donating money to a charity. The Gift Aid scheme is used to claim back the ‘extra’ tax you have paid. Gift Aid is beneficial to both you and the charity you are giving your money to.  This article aims to describe and gives an example of how Gift Aid works. What is Gift Aid? Gift Aid is a way for charities to increase the value of monetary gifts from UK taxpayers. They do this by claiming back the basic rate tax paid by the donor(individual taxpayer) on the donation. The Gift Aid scheme […]

Inheritance Tax Reliefs and Exemption. (Ways of reducing your Inheritance Tax liability!) 1

I have recently just written an article on Inheritance Tax explaining what the tax is and what it is payable on. Inheritances are a tricky business, and many people involved in them wish they had Inheritance Recovery Attorneys by their side. If you find that you are need of help when it comes to inheritance recovery and are unsure what to do you might want to check out something like http://lawingeorgia.com/georgia-laws-on-inheritance-recovery-will-contestment/ for more information on the topic. Following on from this, this article will aim to give the various reliefs and exemptions that are out there to help reduce your Inheritance tax liability. 1) Spouse and Civil Partner Exemption – […]