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Let Capitalism Set You Free – Move from Employee to Owner 2

There seems to be an ever increasing tide of bias against capitalism. People are increasingly becoming of the view that capitalism doesn’t work. But what they don’t realise is capitalism has allowed people on benefits today to have a better quality of life than the richest man on earth 100 years ago. Think about this for a second. When capitalism took over communism as the default world economic mechanism we saw an unprecedented amount of technological and productivity improvement. Without capitalism we probably wouldn’t have cars, planes, mobile phones, the internet, costa coffee or much else that we love. When people talk against capitalism, they don’t mention the benefits it […]

Pay yourself first even if you are living paycheque to paycheque – No excuses 2

The golden rule of personal finance is to pay yourself first. One of the biggest mistake people make is that they pay bills, rent, loans and other expenses first! The government also pays itself first with YOUR money even before you do. This is absolutely crazy. It is no secret that the rich play by a different set of rules. It is no coincidence that people who are wealthy are in that position – they have achieved and are able to maintain their wealth because they understand how money and personal finance works. They pay themselves first. Then they take care of the little things like bills, loan payments and […]

Want to live as good as any billionaire? Buy this one thing

Most of us would love to live like billionaires. Billionaires can buy anything they want without having to worry about the cost. They live lives many of us can only dream of. But I can teach you a way of spending 1/3rd of your as well as any billionaire does, and it needn’t cost you that much. If you want to live as good as a billionaire for one-third of your life, buy a comfy bed. We all have to sleep, weather we are MC Hammer broke or Bill Gates rich. You see, most people who sleep the recommended 8 hours a day will spend 1/3rd of their life sleeping. […]

Pay Yourself First is the Key to Wealth! 4

All fundamental wealth begins with paying yourself first. Unless you are going to inherit the money or win the lottery or get lucky somehow, all fundamental wealth and financial security begins when you decide to pay yourself first. You need to decide that when you go to wrk, the first person that is going to be paid is you. Not the government, not the credit companies but you. Once you make this decision, that is when it all changes. Pay yourself first is the idea that that you should routinely and automatically put money into a savings account before anybody else gets their hands on it. This means that you […]

Why you feel poor earning £30k a year!

Many people earning between £20,000 – £30,000 a year feel as though they are not earning enough and would classify themselves as being poor. But according to the world economics forum, the global average wage stands at $17,760 or £11,597.So whilst the average person in the UK earning £30,000 a year is evidently not poor, many people in this situation certainly feel as though they are. So why is this so? People, especially in the western world, don’t compare themselves with other countries, but rather compare themselves to their neighbours. So it really sucks when you live in an average neighbourhood and drive one mile past a £1 million mansion. What we […]

The reasons why young people are afraid of investing!

The question I always seem to ask myself is why young people are not investing any money. If you ask any of your friends in their 20’s about how much they have invested, you are bound to get responses like “what?” or “ I don’t earn enough to invest!”. A lot of people will follow this up by saying something like “I don”t have a clue on how to pick stocks” and that’s the irony because successful investing is not about picking stocks; especially at a young age. Although it is true that some twenty somethings may now be participating in their pensions (with the new work place pension scheme), […]

Key Lessons from Secrets of The Millionaire Mind – T.Harv Eker

If you’re looking to get rich, the best place to start is in your head. Napoleon Hill, author of the best seller ‘Think and Grow Rich‘ emphasised that accumulating wealth is more about mentality than anything else. T. Harv Eker — who not only studied incredibly wealthy people, but worked his way up from nothing to millionaire status — noticed that the difference between wealthy people and average people is mental.  Average people make the same sorts of crippling choices over and over agin that leave them in the same position and not able to get ahead financially.   Stop complaining — out loud and in your head — if […]