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10 things books won’t teach you about investing 2

Reading books, publications and annual letters written by investment professionals is a great way to get a better grasp of your subject matter of choice. By reading books such as the Intelligent Investor, One Up On Wall Street (A Fireside book) and the Little Book of Value Investing  you can greatly cut the time required to master investing. By reading these books, you can see what actually works on wall street and you can use these techniques in order to select your own stocks and have a winning run. Whilst reading books can give you a great perspective on how to invest your money, there are a number of things that […]

Quick gains with Woodford Patient Capital Trust (WPCT) – Legal Frontrunning 1

When you are just starting out investing, there is a temptation to make quick gains. You want to boost your portfolio to a sizeable amount so that dividend collecting can be meaningful. For a person in my situation, taking these calculated quick gain ‘risks’ are worth it because I am still young and just starting out with my journey to be financially free. So if I had to lose money at this early stage, it would be an insignificant amount which I can always make up as time is on my side. One strategy I used to make quick gains was Frontrunning. Front running is buying or selling a stock […]