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Claim compensation for delayed flights!

Delayed flights. Don’t you just hate them?! I remember booking a weekend trip away to Barcelona a couple of years ago. I had booked it six month in advance, so as you can imagine, I grew more excited as the days went by. Finally, it was the weekend of the trip away. I remember it vividly. It was a Friday and I went to the airport early all excited about my trip. I checked in and even boarded the plane but the plane never took off on time.It was delayed and we only ended up taking off after 3 hours. By the time I got to Barcelona, it was late […]

Should you pay Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax? Look at the 9 Badges of Trade

The government is cracking down on tax evasion. HMRC is increasingly looking into people not paying their fair share of tax. Just look at the articles showing HMRC going after ebay, Etsy and Gumtree sellers for proof of this. In a world where government tax authorities are going after every Tom, Dick and Harry to raise much needed finances it is important that you pay your tax in order not to be subject on any enquiries from the tax authorities. Whilst most people would like to pay their fair share of tax, the intricacies of the tax code make it difficult for you to assess how much tax you need […]

Why millionaires file for bankruptcy. Story of 50 Cent

50 cent filing for bankruptcy is doing the rounds on social media and the news. The news seems strange to many as 50 cent was worth $155 million just two month ago according to Forbes. And the man is considered as one of the smartest and most business savvy rappers out there. So him filing for bankruptcy is a strange one. But if you understand the reasons as to why a millionaire like 50 Cent has filled for bankruptcy than this move seems to make sense. It could be because he found low cost bankruptcy Florence Ky to save his assets. A lot of people declare bankruptcy in the hopes […]

ISA Allowance Used Up? No problem, Here Are Other Ways To Help Save Tax Free! 4

As the last date (5 April) to put money into this current years ISA fast approaches, many people are scrambling to top-up their ISAs. Most advice that is available is for those people who still haven’t used up all their £15,000 ISA allowance. But what if you have used up all your allowance but still want to invest tax free. In that case, this article is for you. There are 3 other ways, apart from an ISA, that you are able to invest and shelter your money from tax: 1) Capital Gains Allowance – Many people don’t know about the capital gains allowance. With this, you can make gains of up […]

5 Ways Landlords Can Reduce Their Tax Bill! 2

Being a landlord isn’t easy. It leads to a lot of complications, awful tenants and the need for a real estate lawyer which can all be costly. Being a landlord is never an inexpensive occupation, although money can be saved on landlord insurance by going to somewhere like constructaquote.com for a more affordable quote. And now it is that time of year again where people start to think about ways to reduce their tax bill. With the deadline of 31 January for filing online returns fast approaching, it could be difficult to make any significant changes to your accounting practices at the last minute. With this in mind, here are […]

What Are The Different Types Of Share Classes? And Why They Are Important For You!

Many people who buy shares don’t know what class of shares there are buying. Not all shares are the same and some shares may be better for you than others depending on your personal circumstances. When buying shares, it is imperative that you know what share class you are buying into in-order not to get any nasty surprises later. This article will help to identify different share classes and give a brief overview of their characteristics. 1) Ordinary Shares These are the most common class of shares. Dividends on shares depend on profits. They grant right to vote at shareholder meetings. They have a claim to share of surplus assets […]

Inheritance Tax Reliefs and Exemption. (Ways of reducing your Inheritance Tax liability!) 1

I have recently just written an article on Inheritance Tax explaining what the tax is and what it is payable on. Inheritances are a tricky business, and many people involved in them wish they had Inheritance Recovery Attorneys by their side. If you find that you are need of help when it comes to inheritance recovery and are unsure what to do you might want to check out something like http://lawingeorgia.com/georgia-laws-on-inheritance-recovery-will-contestment/ for more information on the topic. Following on from this, this article will aim to give the various reliefs and exemptions that are out there to help reduce your Inheritance tax liability. 1) Spouse and Civil Partner Exemption – […]

What happens when a company you have invested in goes bust ? 2

Ever wonder what happens to your equity once a company you have invested in (whether a private company or one listed on the stock exchange) goes into administration. The first question that will come to most peoples minds is whether or not I will get the money I have invested back? In order to answer this question we first need to see why a company becomes insolvent. A company becomes insolvent when it can no longer meet its finical obligations. There are 2 main tests for insolvency which are: Solvency Test – when the company’s assets are less than its liabilities. Liquidity Test – when a company’s liabilities cannot be […]