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The Mutual Fund Game Is Rigged In The Managers Favour

I have alluded to fees being an antithesis to performance many times over the past few years. Fees are the main reason why index funds outperforms actively managed funds. The following from famed venture capitalist Chris Sacca further cements why fees are an investors worse nightmare and that mutual funds are rigged in the managers favour. Although the comments below are to do with venture capital but it could as well be applied to mutual funds. Have a read and see whether or not you are still comfortable holding your money in a mutual fund. Chris Sacca on Fees: “This is a rigged game, right? And I’m just looking to […]

CommuterClub Review – How To Get Discounted London Underground Train Tickets and Save Money

As the famous saying goes ‘nothing is certain but death an taxes.’ It seems that we now can add a third item to the list, increasing train prices. It simply amazes me to see how rapidly train prices go up every year. And with every passing year, more and more of my hard earned money goes towards paying higher costs on the underground. The only way to reduce your travel is to buy an annual ticket which are usually priced at a discount of 15-30% compared to tickets that are bought on a monthly or weekly basis. But let’s face it, no one has the money to pay over £1,000 […]

Become a Property Guardian and Pay Cheap Rent 1

Rents. They only seem to move one way – up. With the demand for housing at record levels, rental costs seem to be shooting up. It is estimated that 1/3 to 1/2 of a persons pay check is spent on rent. With rental costs becoming unaffordable to many, people are getting creative in their bid to pay cheap rent. One way of doing this is by becoming a property guardians. Property guardians are tasked with managing vacant properties whose owners are looking to deter squatters and vandalism. So if you become a property guardian, you can stay at these properties for a fraction of the cost as you are helping […]

The 3 Biggest expenses throughout your life

Expenses. We all dread them. But whilst we can’t totally eliminate them, we can surely minimise the, The first step in trying to cut your expenses is to figure out what they are. people have different expenses as they put value on different things in their life. But there are three expenses – which all people have in common – that are essentially going to cost you the most over your lifetime. Below are the 3 big expenses you will incur over your life time. Control these expenses and you can control your financial life. let these expenses spiral out of control and you may never be able to retire. […]