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The Wealthy Do Have A Secret – They Know How Money Works 3

Many Britons – everyday people working to build a comfortable life – assume the “rich” have a magic formula or some sort of secret. It seems they know something about “how the world works” that the rest of us don’t. If the average person could just figure it out, they’d be wealthy, too. They’d live with less stress, more time, and more money. And money, after all, gives you the freedom to do what you’d like to do. Money allows you to buy your freedom form the rat race. What I found out from reading hundreds of books, studying countless articles and listening to numerous podcasts is that the rich […]

The Number 1 Rule Wealthy People Live by

There are countless articles online that show what the wealthy do differently as compared to the rest of us. Most self made millionaires have similar characteristics with one another and this research has shown has allowed them to be successful and wealthy. Some of these traits include: setting goals, networking, avoiding procrastination, actively reading, never giving up and having a mentor. Whilst all these characteristics are important if you want to become wealthy, I believe that there is one thing in particular people need to do if they want to become rich – Live Within Your Means. Wealthy people have been able to build up their bank balances because they […]

What Percentage (%) of your Income should you Pay Yourself First?

We have all heard that paying yourself first is the best way to become wealthy in our society. Whilst we all know the merits about paying yourself first, many people do not now exactly how much money to set aside to pay themselves first. So is there a magic number? You hear people asking themselves this question all the time How much do I need to pay myself first? So here is my formula on how much you should pay yourself first. You don’y have to agree with it but just have a look at it. Whilst I know everybody is different and people have different circumstances, I am just […]

Secrets of Online Shopping Review – Channel 4 Super Shoppers Show

The just aired show, secrets of online shopping, delved into the online shopping revolution and how the UK consumer has embraced this trend. The UK is the biggest nation of online shoppers in the world. The show presented some tips and tricks when it comes to shopping online and even offered advice on how to save money. The show is presented by the same people that brought us super shoppers (If you haven’t seen that article, click on the link as it shows ways you can save money). Retailers When we shop affects our spending habits. The later at night we shop, the more we are likely to spend. The internet […]

Pay yourself first even if you are living paycheque to paycheque – No excuses 2

The golden rule of personal finance is to pay yourself first. One of the biggest mistake people make is that they pay bills, rent, loans and other expenses first! The government also pays itself first with YOUR money even before you do. This is absolutely crazy. It is no secret that the rich play by a different set of rules. It is no coincidence that people who are wealthy are in that position – they have achieved and are able to maintain their wealth because they understand how money and personal finance works. They pay themselves first. Then they take care of the little things like bills, loan payments and […]

Become a Property Guardian and Pay Cheap Rent 1

Rents. They only seem to move one way – up. With the demand for housing at record levels, rental costs seem to be shooting up. It is estimated that 1/3 to 1/2 of a persons pay check is spent on rent. With rental costs becoming unaffordable to many, people are getting creative in their bid to pay cheap rent. One way of doing this is by becoming a property guardians. Property guardians are tasked with managing vacant properties whose owners are looking to deter squatters and vandalism. So if you become a property guardian, you can stay at these properties for a fraction of the cost as you are helping […]

Why Am I not Rich? Here’s a clue!

When many people think of why they are not rich, the first thought that comes to their mind is that they simply do not earn enough money. But whilst your earning power is an important factor in becoming rich,  it is not the only way. Many millionaires alive today have instead chose a difference path – to spend less. According to the best seller, the Millionaire Next Door by Thomas J Stanley, many millionaires became millionaires because they lived frugally. When most people hear the word frugal, many assume this to mean cheap. But these millionaires are by no means cheap, they are economical about how they spend their money. […]

Easy Way To Save On Your Supermarket Shop! 1

It seems that with every passing day, there is a new app or website being launched that claims to help you save money. Whilst many do help, there are only a few worth signing up to. One of the websites that is particularly helpful is My Supermarket . My Supermarket which is also available for download on your phone as an app has made life that little bit easier by instantly comparing prices across a range of supermarkets, to see which one offers the lowest price for your particular item. Whist this is all well and good, many website are similar in nature and are able to compare a prices […]

Get Out Of Debt In 5 Steps! 1

Many Britons today have large amounts of bad debt (credit card debt). This bad debt can bring many stresses to life and bring instability to your financial future.  With the wealth of debt advice available on the internet, it could be daunting to know where to start and what advice to follow. This article has aimed to gather information on getting out of debt for various sources and it is listed below in a 5 step process. 1) Give Yourself a Goal and a Deadline The first thing you need to do if you are serious about getting rid of debt is to make a plan. You need to look […]

7 Savings Mistakes We All Make!

Many people consider saving money to be one of their hardest financial struggles, if not the hardest. To be a good saver, you need to consistently be disciplined month after month and this takes a lot of hard work. A survey earlier this year just proves how difficult saving up can be as over a quarter of people were found to have no emergency fund of any kind and an even greater number don’t have savings that can cover 3 month worth of expenses. Whilst some people find saving money at it, others are naturals at it so to speak. So if you’re part of the minority that puts money […]