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This section of the website will aim to depict my journey to Financial Freedom.
Any stocks I buy are not recommendations and you will need to do your own research to ensure that they are right for your own personal circumstance.

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October monthly stock purchase – Pennon (PNN) Whitbread (WTB) Centrica (CNA) Barr (BAG) plus more

October has so far seen stock markets reach new highs. The FTSE100 has skyrocketed whilst the FTSE250 has recovered from its Brexit blip. And although I own a portfolio of stocks, I am not happy to see stock markets rise. Higher stock markets mean that I am now buying a lower ownership stake in the businesses I like and that is never a good thing. Higher stock prices also mean that I am able to collect a lower dividend yield on the shares that I buy. I never like it when my favourite bar of chocolate increases in price and when stock prices rise, it has the same effect on […]


Capita Stock Purchase – A risky business at a low enough price (margin of safety).

Capita is a company I have been following for a while now. I was first tempted to purchase the stock in the wake of Brexit where the share price fell over 20%. But even though Capita fell with the broad market to 848p and it did look like a value stock at the time, I was worried that a price of 848p was still too high as it did not factor in all the risks surrounding the company. At the time, I marked down a price of 700p where if the stock were to fall to this price, it would provide a big enough margin of safety for me to […]

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September Dividend Income 4

Another month passes by and another set of dividends have hot my account. Owning shares in companies is really starting to feel wonderful. For September, I have received £236.70 across both my ISA and my high yield dividend portfolio. This is by far the biggest month I have had over my short investing career. I am beginning to love the fact that cash goes straight into my account without me having to do any work or put in any effort besides the initial stock purchase. I could be in in jail but still make money due to having the right collection of cash generating assets. This is the beauty of […]


Gilead Sciences Inc (GILD) Stock Purchase – Undervalued and Unloved

It seems strange that a company with $32 billion in revenues, $18 billion in profits, a cash hall of $21 billion on the balance sheet and free cash flow yield of 17% is currently hated by investors. But that is exactly the sentiment surrounding Gilead Sciences Inc, the mega biotechnology company hat discovers, develops and commercializes innovative medicines in areas of unmet medical need. Gilead has over the past year been out of favour with investors with its stock price crashing over 20%. It is now valued at a very lowly price earnings multiple of just under 7, has a dividend yield of 2.4% and has a dividend pay-out ratio […]


Nutmeg Performance Review – 2 year results 1

Almost two years ago to the day, I started my investing journey by opening up my first ever stocks and shares account with nutmeg. As a novice investor who knew nothing about the stock market, Nutmeg seemed to be the perfect choice. The platform creates professionally managed portfolios based on your risk profile all for the low cost of 0.95% of your assets under management. When I initially joined nutmeg, I was optimistic with expectations of receiving returns of about 7% per annum, the market average. Whilst the fee of 0.95% would certainly eat into my returns, I believed the professionals working at Nutmeg would be able to use Tactical […]


Hikma Stock Purchase (LON: HIK) – Fast Growth and High ROIC

In a previous post, I mentioned that I have started to purchase stocks on a monthly basis using my brokers regular investment service. The rational behind this was that it is impossible to time the market and though stock prices may be highly inflated now, there is no knowing how long this will last or if this is the new normal. By investing on a regular basis, I will not miss out on any gain in the market. Also, there is always pockets of value to be found and by investing once a month, I force myself to look hard and find businesses that offer value. For my September stock […]

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Invest Money to Buy Your Freedom – Escape the Rat Race!

I know many people working in jobs they hate. They find the work that they do soul-crushing but they have to do it in order to put food on the table and pay their bills. For them, quitting their job is an almost impossible task as by leaving their work, it could take month to find a new job and the chances are extremely low that they will find a job that they like. So many stay at there same job till retirement. If you are in this position, retirement may seem a life time away. So if you are in a soul-crushing job that you absolutely dislike, it should […]

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Monthly Stock Purchase – Pearson Tesco Essentra AG Barr Lamprell SSE 2

The deeper we go into the bull market, the harder it becomes to make large stock purchases. This is something I have come to realise over the past year. Just when I thought the stock market was beginning to correct, all logic went out the window and stock markets in the western world are now close to their all time highs. Brexit was supposed to be the catalyst that led to a stock market crash but the uncertainty it has caused led to central banks like the Bank of England acting in a rushed manner to slash interest rates to new historic lows. This has led the stock market to […]


Burberry (BRBY) and Next (NXT) stock purchase – UKs best clothes retailing brands

2016 has so far been a bull year for most asset classes in general. Equities, Bonds, Commodities, Real Estate have all had positive gains for the year so far. And even within these broad based asset classes, individual components like consumer staples, utilities, gold, oil, treasury bills and the like have all benefited from this ‘buy everything’ phenomenon. But on the other hand, many traditional retail stocks have had a torrid time of late. Whether you look across the Atlantic  to the likes of JC Penney (JCP) and Macy’s (M) or within Europe itself, many retail business have seen there share prices fall and remain low. Two businesses that caught my […]


Carillion (CLLN) Share Purchase – Undervalued and Unloved!

It seems that in all my recent stock purchase posts, I have talked about Brexit and the opportunities it provided to buy shares at discounted prices. So I am going to spare you the details this time and just say that Carillion’s share price dropped so much in the wake of the Brexit vote that it became a screaming buy. I bought my shares at 235p a piece and at this price, the valuation placed on the company was so low and the pessimism surrounding the company was so high that the father of value investing, Benjamin Graham, would be licking his lips. Carillion is one of those companies you […]