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This section of the website will aim to depict my journey to Financial Freedom.
Any stocks I buy are not recommendations and you will need to do your own research to ensure that they are right for your own personal circumstance.


Britvic Stock Purchase – If a company’s products taste good buy the shares

Investing does not need to be hard. Often, the more simple you keep it, the greater the returns you will make. Two of the greatest investors of recent time, Warren Buffet and Peter Lynch have been advocates of investing in products you know, use and love and this has led them to produce outsized returns over the years. Businesses with strong brands and a loyal customer base are highly profitable are churn out huge profits year after year. Just look at companies like Coke, Pepsi, Hersheys, Nestle and Kellogs to name a few. If you invested £1000 in each of these companies in 1991, your money would have a grown […]

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Legal and general (LGEN) share purchase – Insurance, Asset Management and Alternative Finance

Along with house builders and traditional banks, Insurance companies have felt the full force of the ‘Leave’ vote The biggest firms in the sector, like Aviva, Prudential and Legal & General, have all seen there stock prices tumble in recent weeks. To most, a share price decline is a terrible event, but to me, share price declines are opportunities to buy more shares in the companies I like at discounted prices. Since starting my dividend portfolio over a year ago, I have wanted to diversify my holdings in order to get exposure to some financial services related stocks. Banks to me have always been out of the question as they […]


BT (BT.L) Stock Purchase – A proxy of the British consumer

In a recent post outlining my Astrazeneca share purchase, I mentioned that I had bought shares in BT as well. I bought 272 shares at a stock price of 397. Since then, the BT share price has gyrated bouncing up and down between a stock price of 450 and 350. A movement within such a large range over a short period of time is rare for blue chip stocks and it is fair to say that BT has been volatile in the wake of the Brexit vote. Talking about Brexit, British focussed businesses have faced the biggest brunt in term of decreased valuations. FTSE 250 companies along with Banks, Insurers […]

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June Dividends – Brexit and the Low Pound (£) 2

June has been a great month for dividends. I have received payouts from my ownership of defence, drugs, gold and oil stocks. In total I have received £227.24 in pure passive income. It feels great not to have to work for money. Instead, by investing money into the stock market, I am leveraging the power of big corporations and making the money work for me. The stocks that paid me dividends this month are: Shell (RDSB) : £84.42 Cobham (COB) : £70.16. Whilst this dividend was paid in May, I have included it here for this month. BP : £37.21 GFS (GFS): £33.75 Goldcorp (TSE:G) : £1.70. Hey, they all […]


Gazprom (OGZD) stock Purchase – The worlds cheapest blue chip energy company

Russian stocks are extremely cheap right now. You can buy Russian stocks today at 1997 prices. It’s as if the Russian market has had two lost decades! Whilst there are reasons for investors shunning the Russian market, such as sanctions imposed by the western world, there is no reason for it to be trading at a price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio of just seven. This is true for even the bluest of blue chip stocks, like Gazprom for example, and this can be a great buying opportunity for individual investors who have a long time horizon. Gazprom (GAZ) is an energy giant. It holds the world’s largest natural gas reserves and currently produces […]


AstraZeneca (AZN) Stock Purchase – The perfect Brexit stock 3

It still amazes me how much time investors spend following the news. In the investing world, it it common knowledge that news is noise and we should not let the mainstream media dictate our investment strategy and portfolio composition. But time and again, this is what we see playing out. When the news is positive, people are quick to hit the buy button. And when the news is negative, they are quick to press the sell button. And right on queue, the imminent Brexit vote and the so called consequences of a leave vote have left investors running scarred and sent the markets into a tailspin. Even though I have […]


Valeant (VRX) Stock Purchase – a bad company can make a good investment

Late last evening, I decided to press the buy button and got myself 5 shares of Valeant(NYSE: VRX) at $26 a piece. Purchasing Valeant may seem like a strange choice baring in mind that I consider myself to be a dividend growth investor and Valeant pays no dividends to its shareholders. Furthermore, Valeant has been in free fall over the past 12 month due to accounting malpractices and we all know the adage about never catching a falling knife. Though Valeant may not come across as my ideal stock or may not even appear on my stock screen, I believe that the stock has been battered so much by all […]


How To Make Great Returns Investing Your Money Yourself

Many people I know are afraid of investing their money themselves. They think is is too risky and leave this job to financial advisors and other ‘professionals’. If you are one of these people,don’t feel bad. There are countless people who treat investing the way you do. But this has got to change. You can not let someone else manage your money, plan for your retirement, pick your stocks, take your money and leave you with any losses. And don’t get me started on the fees they charge. This is counterintuitive to any wealth building philosophy. The investment industry wants you to believe that managing your own money is too […]


Cobham Plc (COB) Stock Purchase – Getting Defensive with a Dividend Champion!

One of the research methods I use to find stocks with great longterm potential is to look at the Dividend Champions UK list. Dividend champions are companies that have paid increasing dividends for 25 or more years. Among the list are company such as Rotork, PZ Cussons and Diageo. Though companies on the UK dividend champion list may not be household names to many, they are excellent cash generative businesses as they have been able to raise their dividends in each of the last 25 years. This means that they were able to increase the dividends paid to shareholders during the most catastrophic of times such as the great recessions, […]


G4S (GFS) stock purchase – Securing My Portfolio

This past week, I bought shares in the biggest security service company in the world, G4S. Although this behemoth has faced a beleaguered past 12 month, the current share price looks really attractive. At the current share price, I expect G4S to be a really good long term buy and provide returns in excess of 13% a year. Valuation When investing in companies, one of the most important factors that will determine the return you get is the price you initially pay. Apart from solid growth companies like Visa and Starbucks or elite companies like Unilever and Coca Cola, I would argue that you should not buy a stock if […]