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So You have decided to buy shares. Yet you have all these unanswered questions … like what is a share? Where do I buy shares from? Which companies can I invest in? Which companies should I invest in?… well you have come to the right place. In these series of articles, I will attempt to breakdown how to invest in the stock market in an easy to understand manner.

Lesson 2: What Is A Share

To many people, stocks are merely ticker symbols that go up seemingly at random. But for those of us that know how the stock market actually works, stocks do not move at random, but instead follow the trajectory of a real life business. To understand this, one needs to understand what a share is. A share of stock is just an ownership stake in a business.    It is really that simple.   Shares are claims to partial ownership of an underlying business. Buying shares entails you becoming part owner of a business. They are claims to the profits of actual real world businesses. Having this paradigm shift will allow […]

Lesson 1: Why Invest In Shares

Talk to a friend, family member or work colleague about investing in the stock market and they would think you are crazy. The majority of people still have the belief that the stock market is extremely risky. They have this view that stocks are ticker symbols which go up and down on a whim. There is this notion that stock picking is akin to gambling.   But for those that understand how the stock market works, it is far different to the situation mentioned above. In this series of articles, I will aim to give a breakdown of the stock market in an easy to understand manner.   The first […]