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3 ways to earn money with extra space(rooms) in your house! 3

If you have space in a house you are living in,you can earn money from renting space out whether it be letting out a full bedroom or just a bit of storage space. Here are three ways you can do so: 1) Rent out a room: This is the traditional way and the most widely used. If you have a spare bedroom free in your home, you can rent it out to a tenant who will pay you monthly. Once you begin renting your property, you can use a specialist in property management everett to help supervise all of the goings on in your property. The major advantage of renting […]

Should You Boost Income or Build Assets?

  When it comes to personal finance decisions, it can be hard figuring out the right thing to do. Most people have the primary aim of boosting their bank balance and earning more money. There and several ways of achieving this goal – some ways being more efficient than others. In this article, we look at whether it is better to boost income (from pay cheques) or build assets.   Arguments for building assets: One of my favorite personal finance authors, Robert Kiyosaki weighs in on this topic with his view. He states that “When you work for income via a pay cheque — even high and/or steady income — […]

The easiest way to make money from Ebay! 1

If you want to make money from Ebay but don’t want the hassle of physically buying, listing and then selling the product, than this article is for your (If not, read my article on 5 tips for selling rodents on Ebay. Have you ever compared prices online and seen that two exact same products are selling for different prices on Ebay and Amazon. And then you think to yourself, who would buy the higher priced item? But logic will tell you that because the person selling the higher priced item is still in business, they are still selling products and making a profit. And the reason they are making a […]

5 Tips For Selling Products On Ebay! 2

One great way of earning extra income is by selling products online. There is a lot of money to be made in the online retail market but competition is fierce. If you are brand new to selling online, you could be wondering what can you sell on shopify or what can you sell on Ebay, here are 5 tips that will help you make the most of your selling experience and hopefully make your experience a success. 1) Decide on Items you are comfortable selling Ebay has its own unique niche that not everybody is comfortable using or exploring. Popular (high demand) or products that are rare (low supply) sell […]

Get a Free Lottery Ticket! And Stand a Chance to Win £70 Each and Everyday!

Not many times in life you get things for free but this is one of those rare times. With Free Post Code Lottery all you need to do is register and put your post code in and you will be entered into a free lottery for a chance to win £70 everyday. I was skeptical of this website at first as I don’t believe that free things are truly free but this is one of those rare instances. The website does not sell any of your details to third parties. The only thing is that if you are a winner, you need to claim your prize money before the next […]

Get Out Of Debt In 5 Steps! 1

Many Britons today have large amounts of bad debt (credit card debt). This bad debt can bring many stresses to life and bring instability to your financial future.  With the wealth of debt advice available on the internet, it could be daunting to know where to start and what advice to follow. This article has aimed to gather information on getting out of debt for various sources and it is listed below in a 5 step process. 1) Give Yourself a Goal and a Deadline The first thing you need to do if you are serious about getting rid of debt is to make a plan. You need to look […]

How to Make Money from Freelance Work!

Many people have this assumption that in order to work as a freelancer, you need to quit your job and focus solely on your freelance work. They further assume that freelance work is hard to find and is only for specialists. This belief about freelance work used to apply in days gone by but in todays age and with the power of the internet and the advancement of technology, people can earn extra income for doing freelance work whilst still working full-time. To be a freelancer these days, all you need to do is set aside 30 minutes a day to do this type of work. Having a deep subject […]

Can you realistically use Dividend Paying Stocks as your primary income? 5

The question I get asked a lot is if it is feasible to use dividend paying stock as a primary income stream. This is a rather tricky question and you would have to determine exactly what amount of income you would like. In this post, I will aim to analyse if it is really possible to earn good income from share dividends for the average person.   Dividends and the ratios to look for? In order to answer this question, we first need to look at what dividends are. Dividends are the share of company profits that are paid out to the owners/shareholders. A company has 2 options it can […]

Make Money Online by Watching Videos 4

Here is a list of websites (and mobile applications) I would recommend you sign up to if you would like to earn money for watching videos. 1)  SwagBucks – This website is definitely a favorite of mine as it is high paying (relative to others) and it also offers an array of videos to watch. In addition to watching videos, SwagBucks allows you to earn money by playing games and undertaking surveys. The rewards you earn using this website could be traded for cash or vouchers of popular high street shops or online retailers such as Amazon. Potential earnings : £25 a month 2) Gift Hulk – This is a great website […]

Get Paid to Search Online

How many countless hours have you spent online using search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo? And what money have you got to show for it? You can now get paid to search online using the search engine built inside Gift Hulk. All you need to do is simply register with Gift Hulk (use code ES837592 to get a 250 Hulk Coin bonus absolutely free) and use the built in search engine like you would normally do on a different search provider such as Google. Gift Hulk will then pay you for continued use of there search engine. The Gift Hulk search engine is powered by the Yahoo and Bing search engines […]