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Successful Businesses and Entrepreneurs have Multiple Income Streams

To be successful in business and to build wealth, you need to have multiple income streams – You need to find multiple ways to make money doing what you are already doing. That’s it. This might sound simplistic but let’s think about this for a minute. You may have already looked at sites like and found good business tips, but here us out. For you to truly understand this statement, you need to realise that our time is limited. If you always find yourself trading time for money, then you will run out of hours, and will run out of the ability to make more money. Making money as […]

When is Investing a bad Idea – Paying Debt Vs Investing

Regular readers of this blog know that I encourage readers to invest pay themselves first and invest the money. Investing has the ability to grow your wealth exponentially through the power of compounded returns. I believe that everyone should be invested a set amount monthly if they want a safe and secure future. Having said this, there are certain people who should definitely stay away from investing. If you have Credit Card debt, investing money is possibly a bad idea. If you are one of these people that have wracked up credit card debt, then it makes no financial sense for you to invest money. Most credit cards charge over […]

Saving in A Pension (SIPP) VS a Lifetime ISA (LISA) for retirement? Which is better 2

With the recent introduction of the Lifetime ISA (LISA), the whole debate about whether to save and invest for retirement via a typical pension plan (SIPP) or LISA has erupted again. The main proponents for SIPPS say that is allows you to withdraw your money at an earlier age and it is particularly beneficial in a financial sense for higher and additional rate taxpayers. Advocates of the LISA on the other hand say that it offers more flexibility as it can be used to fund a property purchase and it also makes more financial sense for a basic rate taxpayer to save their money using this. Here, we look solely […]

Valeant (VRX) Stock Purchase – a bad company can make a good investment

Late last evening, I decided to press the buy button and got myself 5 shares of Valeant(NYSE: VRX) at $26 a piece. Purchasing Valeant may seem like a strange choice baring in mind that I consider myself to be a dividend growth investor and Valeant pays no dividends to its shareholders. Furthermore, Valeant has been in free fall over the past 12 month due to accounting malpractices and we all know the adage about never catching a falling knife. Though Valeant may not come across as my ideal stock or may not even appear on my stock screen, I believe that the stock has been battered so much by all […]

How to get your credit card late fees back

Late fees on credit cards, everyone hates them! Except for the credit card companies. Credit card companies make a ton of money from late fees every year. If you get hit with late fees, the best thing to do is negotiate with your credit card company. Simply pick up the phone and call your credit card company and tell them that your furious as you always pay your credit card on time. you can’t believe that they have penalised you. You want the late fee credited back. If they won’t credit it back, you will move your credit card debt to another company. You will find that they will credit […]

John Bogles 12 Pillars of Wisdom for Successful Investing

If I could pick one person that did more for the average investor than anyone else throughout history, that person would have to be John Bogle. John Bogle is the father of index investing. Without him, average investors like you and I would still be paying extortionate fees to mutual fund managers to look after our portfolios. Because of Bogle’s brilliance, people like you and I can buy into low cost index funds which outperform the vast majority of mutual fund managers. This means that we are able to get superior returns and make more money as a result of the John Bogle. Being a a true investing champion, John […]

How To Make Great Returns Investing Your Money Yourself

Many people I know are afraid of investing their money themselves. They think is is too risky and leave this job to financial advisors and other ‘professionals’. If you are one of these people,don’t feel bad. There are countless people who treat investing the way you do. But this has got to change. You can not let someone else manage your money, plan for your retirement, pick your stocks, take your money and leave you with any losses. And don’t get me started on the fees they charge. This is counterintuitive to any wealth building philosophy. The investment industry wants you to believe that managing your own money is too […]

The Greatest Investment Secret is to start early! 2

Most people looking to make money from the stock market will go in search of that one magic stock. That one stock that will make them rich overnight without the risk. But for any rational person, they know that this is not possible. More money has been lost in ‘magic stocks’ than at the point of a gun. Just look at the story of GTAT investors. Whilst the majority look for that magic stock, it is far more prudent and wise to use a different method to build wealth via investing. A method that you can control. Albert Einstein even called it the 8th wonder of the world. I’m talking […]

How long it will take to become a millionaire from investing?

Becoming a millionaire through investing is a dream many wish to achieve. By investing money, people are essentially stashing it away in the hope of getting more money in the future. The length of time it will  take to become a millionaire from investing in the stock market depends on the amount of money you invest and your annual rate of return. Before we jump into this, let’s look at the three factors that determine the amount of money you end up with: The amount of money you invest – Common sense will tell you that the more money you invest, the more money you will end up with. By investing […]