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How People Avoid Paying Back Their Student Loans Legally

Going to university used to mean graduates had the whole world ahead of them. Having a degree almost certainly meant a high paying job. But these days, most student leave university with a bleak outlook; low pay and high debt. Repayment of student loans can further erode into the meagre earnings of recent graduates. Repayment of student loans are dependednt on when you took out the loan and are as follows: for those taking out student loans before September 2012 – you pay 9% of income earned above £17,335 before tax per year (From April 2016 the repayment threshold will rise to £17,495). for those taking a loan out after […]

Want to Invest like Ben Graham? Read On

As the father of value investing, Benjamin Graham brought a new school of thought to the investing world. This new school of thought called value investing brought Ben Graham to the Pinnacle of the investing world and brought him legions of followers. Many investors Ben Graham directly influenced are top hedge fund managers and billionaires today and this includes Warren Buffet, Walter J Schloss, Irving Khan, David Dodd and Seth Klarman to name a few. With value investing, Ben Graham revolutionised the concept of investing and brought discipline to the speculative nature of Wall Street. The Value Investing paradigm has led to many people gaining extra ordinary returns from the […]

Get an Accountancy job in London using HighFlyers

Highflyers.London is a recently launched online recruitment agency for accountants wanting to work in the city of London. But unlike most recruitment agencies, Highflyers puts the candidates in control as candidates are able to set up interviews with companies of their choice. The way Highflyers works is simple. If you are a qualified accountant with 3 -10 years experience, simply apply for an account online. Employers, FTSE 350 Finance companies then approach you disclosing salary, position and job requirements upfront. Highflyers have promised that candidates will start getting matched with prospective employers within a week. Once an employer gets in touch with you, you are able to set up an […]

Understanding Insurance Stocks and Their Amazing Returns!

Many people fret at the thought of purchasing insurance. And I don’t blame you. Insurance, whilst necessary, is a terrible thing to purchase .After all, for the insurance industry to make make money, you have to have wasted your money. And this happens more often than not. The fact that the insurance industry not only exists but is the largest industry in the world by revenue just proves that they are making profits and you are wasting money. Except of course, if your house does gets burnt by a fire or your car gets into an accident… Insurance has now almost become a necessity or part of your cost of […]

The Wonderful Feeling of Owning Stocks in Companies 3

I’ll never forget the first time I got dividends paid into my brokerage account from the first shares I ever bought. To say it was a wonderful feeling is an understatement. The thought occurred to me that being a part owner of a company is so much better than being an employee where you work your socks off for the benefit of someone and else and always have the worry of being laid off. It was passive income at its best. The first dividend payment felt like a whole new way of viewing the world. Even though the amount i received was small, the impact it has had is priceless. […]

Check your financial health with these 5 numbers

Are you trying to check your financial health? It’s not as simple as how much money you have in the bank. You could have thousands of pounds in the bank and still be off-track if you have bad money management skills. Some questions that you may ask yourself could be do you have enough Money till payday? Can you financially afford to pay your monthly expenses? To gauge your financial well-being, you need to work through a number of ratios and figures. essentially, they boiled down to these five: 1. Credit Score Credit scores are becoming more important by the day. Credit scores in essence are a gauge of your […]

5 ways to invest in the stock market without much risk 1

Let’s admit it, after the 2008 financial crises, most people have become risk averse. Most people are too scarred to invest in the stock market for fear of making huge losses. For many, the stock market is too risky. This has led to many people holding cash rather than investing. And if they do invest, they are doing so conservatively. If you followed this conservative approach, you will have missed out of gains upwards of 20% per annum since the financial crises. Can you really afford to miss out on these types of gains? Investing in the stock market will give you higher gains than most other asset classes including […]

How to buy stocks and shares in the UK – Review of the best investing platforms for new and experienced investors. 25

This post will help to give an idea of what I think are the best online investing platforms for the situations listed below: New Investor Long terms buy and hold investor in an ISA Investor wanting to make use of Capital Gains Allowance (non-Isa Account) Day trader.   Best Platform for new investors: Hargreaves Lansdown. One of the biggest dilemmas new investors who want to buy stocks and shares online face is they don’t know where to start looking. With so many stock brokers or online platforms around these days, it may be difficult for them to chose which one to use. When you are a new investor who has […]

Why Traders are losers and long term investing is the key to wealthy – Interview with James Altucher

James Altucher is a successful entrepreneur and financial author having written books that include the forever portfolio, trade like a hedge fund and super cash. His experience and insights into the investing world are invaluable as he has previously ran a hedge fund and tried his hand in every investing strategy out there. Having Below is advice on the market from James Altucher found on website…. 1) Should I Day Trade? Only if you are also willing to take all of your money, rip it into tiny pieces, make cupcakes with one piece of money inside each cupcake and then eat all of the cupcakes. Then you will get […]

How to Claim Tax Relief on Pension Contributions 1

When you put money into a pension, you are able to get the tax back, also called tax relief, on the amounts you have contributed into the pension. You can get relief on your contributions by either of the three methods listed below taking into account your annual allowance. (To read more on annual allowance, read my article on How Pension contributions and the Annual Allowance Work). There are three methods by which a member can get tax relief. They are: Through a net pay arrangement. By claiming relief at source. By making a claim to HMRC. They all result in members getting tax relief on their contribution at the highest […]