Simple Explanation of Changes to Pensions – Summer Budget 2015 2

In the budget speech today, the chancellor of the exchequer, George Osborne, stated that they would be changes to the pension system in the coming years. The chancellor is currently considering a green paper which has proposals for the changes in the pension system. The green paper can be found here : “

Osborne stated the following in his speech:

“While we have taken important steps with our new single tier pension and generous new Isa, I’m open to further radical change. Pensions could be treated like Isas – you pay in from taxed income and it’s tax-free when you take it out, and in between it receives a top-up from the government.”

“This idea and others like it need careful and public consideration before we take any steps so I am today publishing a green paper that asks questions, invites views and takes care not to pre-judge the answer.”

This essentially means:

  • Pensions will become more like ISAs. You pay into a pension with after tax income and you can withdraw money from your pension tax free. ( Currently you pay into a pension with before tax  money and you are only taxed when you withdraw the money).
  • Whilst a pension will become more like an ISA, you will still receive a pension top up from the government. (the amount of top up is still waiting to be seen, could possibly be a standard rate as opposed to the current tiered rate)
  • These are big changes to the pension system and it is still unsure if the pension industry is ready for a radical change after the changes implemented in the previous budgets.


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