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Why millionaires file for bankruptcy. Story of 50 Cent

50 cent filing for bankruptcy is doing the rounds on social media and the news. The news seems strange to many as 50 cent was worth $155 million just two month ago according to Forbes. And the man is considered as one of the smartest and most business savvy rappers out there. So him filing for bankruptcy is a strange one. But if you understand the reasons as to why a millionaire like 50 Cent has filled for bankruptcy than this move seems to make sense. It could be because he found low cost bankruptcy Florence Ky to save his assets. A lot of people declare bankruptcy in the hopes […]

Best Performing Stock Markets Over The Last 10 years

For the people that have followed the Jeff bogle style index investing strategy, they have already figured out that passive investing beats active investing the majority of time. Investing in index funds has proved to give the average investor better returns than mutual funds and at a lower cost as well. But whilst investing in index funds as strategy is all well and good, how should you determine what weights to place on different asset classes that compromise your portfolio and going one step further, the different indexes you can invest in? By this I mean how do you know how much to invest in each region? One way of […]